Imagine: We take a 14-foot kayak...

And pack it to 3 1/2 feet


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The Ultimate Kayak

Pakayak performance, packable kayak

Pakayak - The Ultimate Kayak

At 1/4 the size of a regular kayak, take it anywhere with ease. Roll it, carry it or lift it.

Live in an apartment, condo or high rise? Now, you can store your kayak in your coat closet after taking it up the elevator.

Our patented clamping system makes it easy to put your kayak together, watertight, in under 5 minutes.

Pakayak looks and paddles just like a conventional kayak. It’s fast, nimble and comfortable.

Performance • Quality • Portability

It can be difficult to have a kayak in some of the places that we live. Often getting it to and from the water requires a pickup truck, a roof rack and a buddy. And, for all of you who live in the city, it’s next to impossible. Our hardshell packable kayak solves these issues without sacrificing performance. Read more…

128% Funded on Kickstarter

In July 2016, we launched a Kickstarter campaign and ended with great success – 128% funded! Check out our campaign. There’s a great video (click below), tons of pictures and lots of good information.

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Delta Sky: Pakayak Makes the Hot List!
Pakayak makes the Hot List in the June 2017 edition of Delta’s Sky Magazine. Check it out next time you fly Delta or online here....

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Mission Blue: The Night Watch
In Playa Grande, Costa Rica, more than 20 years of egg poaching consumed a generation of leatherback sea turtles, bringing the population in the Eastern...

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If you fancy kayaking either as a sport or just a hobby, you are aware of the struggle that comes with transporting a kayak. Moreover,...

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