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Imagine: We take a 14-foot kayak...

And pack it to 3 1/2 feet

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The Ultimate Kayak

Pakayak performance, packable kayak

Pakayak - The Ultimate Kayak

At 1/4 the size of a regular kayak, take it anywhere with ease. Roll it, carry it or lift it.

Live in an apartment, condo or high rise? Now, you can store your kayak in your coat closet after taking it up the elevator.

Our patented clamping system makes it easy to put your kayak together, watertight, in under 5 minutes.

Pakayak looks and paddles just like a conventional kayak. It’s fast, nimble and comfortable.

Performance • Quality • Portability

It can be difficult to have a kayak in some of the places that we live. Often getting it to and from the water requires a pickup truck, a roof rack and a buddy. And, for all of you who live in the city, it’s next to impossible. Our hardshell packable kayak solves these issues without sacrificing performance. Read more…

128% Funded on Kickstarter

In July 2016, we launched a Kickstarter campaign and ended with great success – 128% funded! Check out our campaign. There’s a great video (click below), tons of pictures and lots of good information.

5-STAR Reviews

This is an incredible and creative concept delivered by mindful folks. Thoughtful, conscious, and playful come marry harmoniously here!
Alex Malaspinas
Working in the TV business I rarely will post a review on the vast number of products that I encounter, but I feel this one definitely deserves 100% positive review on every level. The concept opens the door of portability to kayak enthusiast worldwide and will remove limitations that are bound by currently available designs right down to the fact that you can check this 14 foot touring kayak at the airline ticket counter as sports equipment and venture off to explore your favorite location around the world. Our entire production crew witnessed the four prototype Pakayaks being transported, assembled and disassembled multiple times during the course of video production in Florida over several days of a very busy schedule. I had not climbed into a kayak of any kind in several years (keeping this to myself for the first few days) but, the desire was in my mind to ask if I could try one out and take it for a paddle. I did not want to slow down the production process then the opportunity to take one for a paddle happened and Phil Miller allowed me to take his place while we were on production location at Chassahowitzka River. First of all I was amazed with the sleek rugged, stable and comfortable hull design, seating placement & adjustment. Doug Mackro thought of every last little detail when designing this boat right down to my ability to rest my knees under the raised sides for additional support and comfort! Then it was my time to paddle! Within seconds my eyes were wide open as I took off across the water like it was rolling on ceramic bearings across a smooth floor. "WOW This is a fast boat!" I shouted back to the group at the shore! Then everyone joined me and I was a little apprehensive when the group was ready to head down the river thinking to myself I had not paddled a kayak very far in many years and was wondering how sore was I going to be the next day… or how far will I make it before I get too tired and most important… how was I going to lumber my 200 pound body out of this boat when there was no easy to access shoreline? To my own amazement I paddled all the way down the river - almost 5 miles into a headwind before I even realized it, keeping up with the group who had been paddling all week and were in much better physical condition than myself. Then it was time to give Phil his boat back as we pulled up alongside our camera boat and swapped places with ease! This Pakayak WILL be a game changer to the industry!
Dan Foard
Several months ago I had the chance to paddle the Pakayak prototype in a little pond. It tracked well, had a great glide exceeding my expectations related to it's claims "that your Pakayak will perform and paddle just like a traditional kayak." I live for the big water bump (swells and wind waves bigger than two feet) and was eager to see how it would handle in those conditions. Last month Pakayak spent time in Florida filming the Kickstarter video. I joined the Pakayak team and Videophotog Productions crew for several sessions and had a chance to paddle in conditions that allowed me to catch a few rides on the bump. After playing in these conditions for several hours, I had to stop and think. I had totally put off the evaluation because I was having so much fun! I was very impressed. This boat handled like a dream. Last weekend I had the opportunity to paddle in the waters just offshore near Catalina Island in the Pacific. The swells were much bigger than the pond or the Gulf of Mexico, and again, my focus was on the experience of being on the water. We put in from the beaches where there was a shorebreak (waves crashing on the beach) up to four feet. Pakayak handled exceptionally well coming off the beach and going back in. As I look back, I realize that the Pakayak allowed me to move past the boat and connect with the water. This is a high perfomance kayak that won't get in your way. That's what a boat should be about!
Cort Peterson
My husband and I were lucky enough to demo the Pakayaks last Saturday at Silver Sands Beach in Milford, CT! Even more awesome than we thought!!! We still are talking about how great it would be to just throw these beautiful kayaks in the back hatch and off we go instead of lugging them on and off the top of our SUV and securing all the ropes. So glad we are getting one via our support in Kickstarter (Even though we are the owners of two brand new kayaks already). Can't wait till we get ours in 2017!
Susan Denn Anderheggen
I had the pleasure of paddling the prototype and can honestly say it was an absolute dream! The Pakayak handled beautifully and was super fast!! I can't wait to see the final product in the back of my little hatchback!!!
Jo Flynn
I recently moved to FL and want to get into kayaking but after looking at traditional kayaks realized I just couldn't lift one up to car top and can't buy a truck. That is when I came across the Pakayak on FB. Lucky for me there was a demo at Clearwater Beach close to where I live and I tried it out yesterday and really liked the concept and way it felt like a "regular" kayak. It was helpful to meet Zinelle one of the founders and Cort, they are very passionate about the Pakayak and want it to be a quality boat. I turned 60 last week and told my husband I know what I want for my birthday a Pakayak, we did the Kickstarter for one today and I wish i could have it sooner but April will be here before I know it.
Dale Garabrant Zale
Just took this for a spin at Sand Key, Florida. A very well thought out design. A smooth kayak to paddle with great tracking!
Dave Surplus


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