Phil Miller

Phil Mackro

What Phil is to us:

  • All-knowing Operations Dude
  • Prestigious Plastic Molding Expert
  • Magnificent Manufacturing Guru
  • Planning and Pricing Poobah

We have Phil. Having Phil is like having the HULK against an army! Phil is Operations. ‘Nuff said. But, he’s more. He’s operations, manufacturing, business development, planning, purchasing, quality control, management…should we continue?

Philip Miller’s bio:

Philip Miller joins our team bringing over thirty five years of manufacturing experience in a number of diverse industries and technologies. He has worked for the entire gamut of business structures from running his own injection molding company to Research & Development, Operations and General Manager for several international companies. He is the Co-Inventor on a number of Patents. He worked with Zinelle at Aptar where they collaborated on a variety of corporate endeavors and their complimentary skills sets worked well. Although his true enthusiasm lies in development, design and engineering, he has significant knowledge in sales and finance. His expertise in the development and evaluation of products, design, quality assurance and customer support made him a great fit for the team.

Philip graduated from the University of New Haven with his Bachelor of Science in Management Science. He is a Member of United States Power Squadron.

Philip and his wife Joanne have been married for 27 year and have two daughters. They enjoy spending time with family and friends on the water and travel often. Joanne has had a long career in Commercial Banking.

Phil has been a boating enthusiast since his childhood in California where he developed a love for the classic mahogany speed boats. His family moved to the east coast and he spent his teen age years sailing on Long Island Sound. He loves diving and water sports, travel and the outdoors.

Meet Our Other Team Pakayak Members

Doug Mackro - Co-founder, CEOCo-founder, CEO

Doug Mackro

Doug Mackro has owned and operated a successful construction and real estate development company which he started over 30 years ago. From building spec homes to restoring boats, Doug understands innately the nature of material compatibility. His knowledge of cabinet making and boat construction drove the creation of the mating surface for Pakayak.

Doug has been an avid sailor, canoeist, kayaker and whitewater kayaker all his life. He also loves hiking, camping, skiing and almost anything else outdoors. He’s built boats, repaired boats, and now designed the Pakayak. Doug is an environmentalist at his core and has a deep respect for the earth and all of its forms of life. Read Full Bio

Zinelle Mackro - Co-founder, VP of Marketing & ITCo-founder, VP of Marketing & IT

Zinelle Mackro

Zinelle Mackro worked in the corporate setting for companies including Aetna, OLM Web Hosting and Aptar, and has been running her own successful graphic/web/marketing company for over 15 years. Her experiences and connections have proven invaluable for developing and marketing Pakayak.

She's a nature lover, an avid volleyball player and loves to kayak, canoe, sail, hike, bike, run, boogie board and travel. “Z” is happiest when she’s outside experiencing nature in its most pristine state. Read Full Bio

Day Moore - VP of Sales & PRVP of Sales & PR

Day Moore

Day Moore is a painter, designer, environmentalist, and entrepreneur, with innate passion, curiosity, and ambition. With a B.F.A. from Rhode Island College. She has worked for Sotheby’s as a paint restoration artist, a sous chef, a consultant on small business projects, and a small business owner. Day’s entrepreneurial work has gained national attention, earning several awards in the sustainable and social enterprise arenas.

Day loves to kayak, SUP, swim, sail, surf, scuba dive, hike, bike, rock climb, read, cook, and preferably all while traveling. And, did we mention that she loves to travel? Read Full Bio

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