Questions and Answers

Due to lots of press and an overwhelming interest in Pakayak on the internet, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions and provided answers below.

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Where can I buy one?
What are the specifications?
Are there any deck lines or carrying handles?
What about foot braces and rudder?
What are the hatch covers like and what size are they?
What is the storage capacity?
What is the seat configuration?
What paddles will fit in the bag?
What size spray skirt will fit?
How much does it weigh?
Are there any loose parts?
Does the Pakayak assemble securely enough that I could “mount” and board it from behind like a traditional kayak?
What is the warranty?
Does the boat come with a serial # or Hull ID #?
Will I fit? What’s the length from the back rest to the front bulkhead?
Will it leak? How are the sections are held together?
Will you make a tandem?
What happens if it hits a rock?
Will it hold up in high winds?
Where will Pakayaks be available?
What are the colors offered during Kickstarter and preorder?
Do you plan to be at any of the kayak demos?
What safety features does Pakayak have?
When will the Pakayak be available?
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