Pitching the Pakayak concept

In the background, while all the home-based prototyping was being done, we were thinking about how to bring the product to life. We knew we had a good idea that would be challenging to bring to market so we reached out to find an existing kayak manufacturer to partner with.

With immeasurable help from our friend, Des McEttrick, a product development and marketing guru (thank you, Des!), we started writing the business plan, gathered valuable market data and created sell sheets.

After pitching the concept to many companies, we were granted an audience by one of the largest kayak manufacturers in the country. Although they were quite interested with the concept, their company was in the midst of internal reorganization and the timing wasn’t quite right.

From that point, we committed ourselves to making it happen using our own resources.

Stay tuned…


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  1. lets get the show on the road ha ha john

  2. Pakayak May 15, 2015 at 8:51 pm · ·

    No kidding. No one wants this to happen more than we do, but like a fine bottle of wine, some things just can’t be rushed.

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