Saving The Planet


Our Philosophy

We want to save the planet. It’s that simple.

Give-back, eco-friendly and community are the three threads woven through the fabric of our company and the very framework of our individual lifestyles.


We think it’s nearly impossible to enjoy paddling and not want to see the water and the things in it preserved. We are dedicating the company toward giving back to help preserve and clean up our oceans and waterways. From the beginning, a portion of our profits will be donated to preservation projects. It is our hope that through knowledge and awareness of the state of our oceans will come support for preservation.

To that end, each Pakayak model will be named after an endangered marine animal or fish with a percentage of profit from each sale going toward efforts to save that particular species. Each Pakayak owner will receive information regarding the status of the named species and a way to follow its progress. We also intend to join the member companies of 1% for the planet in the future.


Our company philosophy encompasses responsible sourcing, effective methods of traceability, innovative design, efficient operations, and safe working environments. We also manufacture, assemble and ship from one location which keeps our fuel consumption and carbon foot print lower. All Pakayaks will be shipped in efficient, minimal recycled packaging. Pakayak will be made from post-consumer plastics when possible and we will be working with individuals who spearhead innovative processes around recycled plastics. We hope to have a model in the near future that will be constructed of 100% post-consumer plastics or even plastic substitutes.


At Pakayak we believe strongly in community. We have worked with a local high school’s engineering department to produce a 3D printed scale prototype and they will be designing boat parts and accessories. The University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business has chosen us as a recipient of their Business and Market Assessment Project. In the future, we’d like to work with local associations and organizations to bolster overall appreciation of nature and, more specifically, saving and cleaning our waters.

So, why not buy the best portable kayak there is and save the planet, too?

Saving The Planet

Why not buy the best portable kayak there is and save the planet, too?

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