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3D printed scale model
In the beginning
July 12, 2015

3D printed scale model

  We now have a scale model of the Pakayak. It sure is nice to have in our hands. Pretty cool, we think. A big "Thank You" to our friend, Jim Buys, who got this done for us.
3D prototype sample
In the beginning
June 22, 2015

Sneak Peek at first model

Dat-da-da-dah! Behold, our first 3D printed sample part! (The real one won't be orange.) After countless hours watching our Solidworks guru fine-tune our shape, the design for the first model of Pakayak is done. Whew! We have gathered quotes from 3D printers, mold makers and rotomolding manufacturers and have settled on our suppliers. While our 3D printing partner is printing our prototype, we're…
Thank you 5
In the beginning
May 7, 2015

Thanks – to those who helped us in the beginning

Thank You, Chris Cubeta, for taking the idea from Doug's head and putting into 3D CAD. Thank You, Al Guk, for machining our first clamps. Thank You, Des McEttrick, for helping with all things marketing including research, marketing plan, pricing plan, business plan and sell sheets. Thank You, Phil Miller, for spending two days in our basement with stir sticks…
Pakayak Info
In the beginning
April 29, 2015

Pitching the Pakayak concept

In the background, while all the home-based prototyping was being done, we were thinking about how to bring the product to life. We knew we had a good idea that would be challenging to bring to market so we reached out to find an existing kayak manufacturer to partner with. With immeasurable help from our friend, Des McEttrick, a product development and…
In the beginning
March 6, 2015


Using my old whitewater kayak, aptly named "Frankenstein", as a prototype, all we needed was HDPE (plastic) to create our mate surfaces from. That would seem to be an easy task, right? Just go to the local store, grab some HDPE and head home to make a boat, piece of cake. Right. After much research, I found a source on the…