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show and tell - all the good things that are going on at Pakayak HQ
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February 13, 2017

Show and Tell time!!!

Without further ado we have all this GOOD NEWS to share with you. 1) Molds and Parts Our manufacturer has made the first run with our molds. After the first test run, they opted to make a few tweaks to the molds which are aimed at producing a better part more efficiently. Second run was done and we're still working on it.…
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January 9, 2017

Marilyne Marchand: Waiting for my Pakayak

Marilyne, one of our Kickstarter Backers, wrote: ...I got really enthusiastic a few months ago when stumbling on the Kickstarter campaign of a new company called pakayak. Pakayak was started by four people from Connecticut. Their main product is called a pakayak, which is a kayak that splits into 6 sections. It is only 3 feet and a half when…
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December 7, 2016

Mold In Graphics: Convertible Kayak Travels Anywhere On Your Back

You may have seen the new video on Kickstarter for this new kayak kit, if not just let your imagination become reality with this new idea of a high-performance hard-shell kayak on the go. Imagine being able to backpack a kayak right down to your favorite shoreline or river bed with ease. Imagine that you can pack down your kayak…
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November 30, 2016

Progress, progress, progress!

With all of the Kickstarter soft rewards shipped (and only a few minor glitches) we press on with fine tuning the "fine tuning". So without further ado this is what is happening. 1) Molds We have been running the molds and streamlining the manufacturing and assembly processes. The reworking of the molds is complete and the molds are at our manufacturer…
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November 18, 2016

Top 10 Christmas Gift List

1) Pakayak (of course!) Pakayak is a high performance hard-shell kayak that happens to come apart and pack down to 3.5 feet. Go where you want, store it where you want, carry it on your back, take it in your convertible and paddle it just like a traditional hard-shell kayak. Easy to carry at 1/4 the size of a regular…
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August 31, 2016

fone.news: The Pakayak is a Kayak That Can Transform Into a Backpack

Have you ever ever needed to pack a kayak in your again and principally go kayaking anyplace and anytime you need? Possibilities aren't many people would do this, however for kayaking fanatics who're on the lookout for a neater means of transporting their kayaks, there’s an answer for you and it's in the form of the Pakayak.
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August 26, 2016

Netherlands Enterprise Agency: Patent Blog article

Octrooiblog: spelevaren met de deelbare kano van Pakayak Als kanoliefhebber wil je in de zomer graag het water op. Maar het kan soms lastig zijn met een kano het water te bereiken.  Pakayak komt met een deelbare kano die je gemakkelijk meeneemt en toch uitstekende vaareigenschappen heeft. Het ‘geheim’ zit in geoctrooieerde klemmen die de segmenten waterdicht tegen elkaar houden.…
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