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April 22, 2017

Startlr Tech: Pakayak – kayak, placed in a backpack

One of the main problems for urban residents, supporters of active recreation on the water, is the transportation and storage of a fairly large inventory, in particular kayaks. The startup of four like-minded people undertook to solve this problem by offering Pakayak. Unlike other, inflatable, Compact models of kayaks that were easily broken and damaged during transportation, The venturi is…
Save our planet
April 15, 2017

National Geographic: Garbage Swell

Outdoor photographer Zak Noyle has seen his share of marine debris, but he was shocked by what he discovered on an assignment in a remote spot off the coast of Java. There to cover Indonesian surfer Dede Suryana (above) in 2012, Noyle found himself literally swimming in a sea of garbage.
trim fixture
In the beginning
April 13, 2017

So Much News!

We've been working day and night (and weekends) to get Pakayak ready for you. We have so much news, so let's get to it! 1) Holding Fixtures We were with our manufacturers a week ago and we are heading back out next week to go over all the last minute details. They have been running our molds and refining how to…
In the beginningWeb articles
April 12, 2017

Popular Mechanics: Pakayak – kayak that fits in a backpack (and no, it is not inflatable)

Доски для сёрфинга и байдарки не слишком-то легко транспортировать: они большие, неудобные,порой тяжёлые. А если надувные — то сразу хрупкие. За одним исключением. Pakayak — это каяк-матрёшка. И он помещается в рюкзак.
In the beginning
March 12, 2017

Presentation at SolidWorks

A few weeks ago, we received an email asking if we would like to present at the SolidWorks quarterly meeting. Hmm, let me think.. YES! SolidWorks is an international 3D CAD design software company. They designed and continuously improve the software that we use to design our Pakayak. About a year and a half ago, Phil saw they were launching…