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In the beginning
September 8, 2015

See how she moves

While waiting to receive our full-scale prototype, we decided to see how the model looks and performs in water. Beautiful! (Please ignore the black electrical tape - we don't have mini clamps installed.)
In the beginning
August 7, 2015

reSET Impact Challenge

We have just completed our submission for the second level of the reSET Impact Challenge. Above is the video we made for the submission. We made it through the first level being chosen as one of 40 out of over 100 organizations. The finalists will be announced at the end of August. We could be granted a portion of more than $60,000. The…
3D prototype sample
In the beginning
June 22, 2015

Sneak Peek at first model

Dat-da-da-dah! Behold, our first 3D printed sample part! (The real one won't be orange.) After countless hours watching our Solidworks guru fine-tune our shape, the design for the first model of Pakayak is done. Whew! We have gathered quotes from 3D printers, mold makers and rotomolding manufacturers and have settled on our suppliers. While our 3D printing partner is printing our prototype, we're…
Thank you 5
In the beginning
May 7, 2015

Thanks – to those who helped us in the beginning

Thank You, Chris Cubeta, for taking the idea from Doug's head and putting into 3D CAD. Thank You, Al Guk, for machining our first clamps. Thank You, Des McEttrick, for helping with all things marketing including research, marketing plan, pricing plan, business plan and sell sheets. Thank You, Phil Miller, for spending two days in our basement with stir sticks…