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In the beginningManufacturing
April 10, 2018

Helping to Streamline the Production Process

Our entire team has been working at our manufacturer's to streamline the processes by building holding fixtures and reducing steps to get boats out faster. We are producing them as fast as we can, tweaking assembly and production along the way.It's time to think SPRING! Just ignore the snow that continues to be in the forecast here in northeastern United…
In the beginningManufacturing
March 14, 2018

We are shipping!

After many delays, a new manufacturer, and winter storms which caused days of power outages and closed roads, we are finally rolling along with production. Gregstrom is producing beautiful Bluefin 14s!Yes, we are in production and shipping! There are videos & photos here and below, one shows the very first Bluefin 14 heading onto a UPS truck. Production is going very…
Molding at Gregstrom
In the beginningManufacturing
February 6, 2018

New Manufacturer Means Shipping Soon

We have had several delays with our rotational molding manufacturer. In June, they wanted to make minor adjustments so the molds would seal more tightly when closed. As October arrived, the modifications were not complete nor were any preparations to perform the post molding assembly processes. Come December, most issues were fixed but they were unable to properly make the cutouts for our…
Mockup clamps in the cockpit
In the beginning
August 26, 2017

History of the Clamp

As you already know, we are diligently working toward getting boats produced as soon as possible. Here are some updates and details. Latest News We are scheduled to start production by late October which means shipping should start in November. Our Kickstarter backers will receive the first boats followed by our pre-order customers. Of course, as we know more, we'll…
In the beginningWeb articles
April 22, 2017

Startlr Tech: Pakayak – kayak, placed in a backpack

One of the main problems for urban residents, supporters of active recreation on the water, is the transportation and storage of a fairly large inventory, in particular kayaks. The startup of four like-minded people undertook to solve this problem by offering Pakayak. Unlike other, inflatable, Compact models of kayaks that were easily broken and damaged during transportation, The venturi is…
trim fixture
In the beginning
April 13, 2017

So Much News!

We've been working day and night (and weekends) to get Pakayak ready for you. We have so much news, so let's get to it! 1) Holding Fixtures We were with our manufacturers a week ago and we are heading back out next week to go over all the last minute details. They have been running our molds and refining how to…