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Adventurer: Marcus Hill

In December 2018, Marcus contacted us asking about ordering spare parts for an expedition he and another Pak Member were planning in the Philippines. We gathered up his requested list of parts, included a couple of T-shirts, and sent it all to him in Japan.

Introducing, the first Pakayak Adventurer!

Stay tuned for the next episode of Expedition: Philippines!

Final version of custom wheeling system

Final version

Original over designed wheel system

“Original over designed model”

Custom wheel system


"Homemade wheel system that clips into the original wheel brackets. Works well would be perfect with stiffer material like aluminum but not easy to source in Japan."

custom thigh braces

Custom thigh braces

"Homemade cockpit pads to increase contact with the kayak."

Please note: The content in this series is from Marcus Hill directly.