Bluefin 142

Now on Kickstarter

We have launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce the next evolution of the Bluefin 14 – the Bluefin 142.

A few years ago, we launched our company on Kickstarter, thanks to all of our backers!

Since then, we have had much success getting this revolutionary kayak concept into the hands of people like you all over the world. We’ve gathered your feedback and listened, and what we’ve heard loud and clear is that you want more legroom. Well, you’ve got it. The Bluefin 142 has 3 1/2 more inches of legroom in the cockpit.

The new model is 2 inches longer and still packs down to the same size (3 1/2 feet) and fits in the same bag!

Now, here’s the kicker…for our current Pak Members, we designed it so you can swap just two pieces and turn your Bluefin 14 into a 142. Yup, the new parts will fit into the current model! No need to buy a whole new kayak!

Join us on Kickstarter and help us launch this new longer Bluefin. Be a part of the evolution of kayaking!