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We traveled out to Laguna Beach, CA to meet up with Corey Hass from IndefinitelyWild who reviews kayaks for Outside Magazine. Had a great paddle, and he wrote a great review.

“This 14-foot sea kayak breaks down into parts that nest inside each other, resulting in a packed size no larger than a big suitcase. You can store it under your bed or in the trunk of your car. Pakayak founder Doug Mackro and product designer Cort Peterson flew out to California to give IndefinitelyWild the first shot at paddling one of the new boats, which launched on Kickstarter June 16.

What Is It?

Just about every hard-sided kayak is made through a process called rotomolding, which sculpts a single piece of plastic into whatever shape a manufacturer chooses. That same process is used here to create the six segments that nest inside one another, Russian Matryoshka doll set-style.

When fully assembled, this Pakayak Blue Fin 14 measures 14 feet long—a sweet spot that makes it less unwieldy than a 16-foot beginner kayak, but more stable than shorter models.

Packed down, the Blue Fin is about three-and-half feet tall, two feet wide, and 16 inches deep. With the included case, you can carry it on your back or haul it around like roller luggage via the built-in wheels.”

Check out the whole review on Outside Magazine.

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