See How A Pakayak Works

We take a 14-foot kayak and split it into 6 pieces that fit into each other, nesting to a size of about 42 inches – a mere 1/4 of the assembled size!

Multiple clamps, each with 1000 pounds of pressure, hold together the tongue and groove shaped mating surface between each of the pieces. A silicone gasket sits in the very inside of the groove keeping it completely water tight.

Your Pakayak will arrive on your doorstep. It comes with it’s own wheeled bag. Unzip the bag and remove the pieces and assemble it. Create two towers, clamping one to the next, lay them down, place the seat in, put the hatch covers on, stand back and admire.

Tada! You have your Pakayak laying in front of you, ready to paddle. Well, what are you waiting for? Get going!

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