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You may have seen the new video on Kickstarter for this new kayak kit, if not just let your imagination become reality with this new idea of a high-performance hard-shell kayak on the go. Imagine being able to backpack a kayak right down to your favorite shoreline or river bed with ease. Imagine that you can pack down your kayak to about 3.5 feet for storage and easy travel, without a need for a roof rack. Imagine an easily assembled kayak in 5 minutes that reaches a strong 14 feet to get in and enjoy the water.

The Pakayak allows you to be able to hop on the subway, or a cab, or almost any vehicle, even if it does not have a roof rack, and get this Pakayak to fit right along with your travels. This idea for portability on a kayak is a natural progression from what the kayak industry has wanted to see come into market. The Pakayak® was created to answer the need for kayak and outdoor enthusiasts to take their kayak wherever they wanted to travel and make it easy to assemble and hop in the water. Read more…

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