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The Bluefin 14 is made up of six sections.

Get to know the Bluefin 14

The Molding Process

To create the Bluefin 14, we have six molds, one for each of the sections. Those molds get filled with our special resin, closed tight and spun slowly in an oven. They are then removed and cooled, then trimmed and outfitted with clamps, gaskets and decking.

Here, section 3 is being molded in Sunshine yellow.

Molding section 3

Here, sections 2 and 5 are being molded in Sunshine yellow.

Molding sections 2 and 5

Photos of the Molding Process


Sunshine resin


Sections 1 and 6 in cooling fixtures


Section 4 in cooling fixture

test boats

Test boats in Sunshine yellow

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  • Chan Joseph says:

    I am interesting in purchasing one pc. of your 14′ folding kayak for my own usage in Hong Kong.
    I am currently an ACA L3 Coastal Kayak instructor in Hong Kong.
    What is the kayak pricing, and postage to Hong Kong. Please let me know, thanks.

    • PAKAYAK says:

      Hello Joseph, Thanks for your interest! You can find the price and the cost to ship on our shop page. To find the cost to ship to your address, please add a product to your cart and enter your shipping address. You do not have to checkout to see the shipping cost.

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