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The concept of a kayak you can carry around on your back has been around for some time, but instead of unreliable folding or inflatable designs, one group of developers boast that they have produced the next big thing in the world of kayaking. It’s called the Pakayak, and it’s a 14-foot kayak that you can break down and put in a (large) backpack, hence the name.

“We think that kayaking is one of the best things you can do in your free time. Six inches off the shore and you are on an instant vacation,” wrote the designers of the Pakayak. “Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to get your kayak in most of the places that we live, to and from the water without a pickup truck, or a roof rack and a buddy to help you carry and lift your kayak. For those who live in the cities, it can be next to impossible.”

Hoping to fulfill a demand, the team behind Pakayak has now taken the idea to crowdfunding and launched a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign aims to raise over $427,000 to fund the project, and as of Thursday has raised nearly $300,000. However, like all Kickstarter campaigns, the project must meet or exceed its goal before funding is issued. The campaign still has 11 days left, and the developers seem to be confident in their design. Read more…

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