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DANBURY — Doug Mackro has been kayaking since the 1980s, and he’s not picky about where he goes.

“I like to go anywhere there is water — any kind, any day, anywhere,” he said. “If I get eight inches off the shore and I’m in a boat, I’m instantly on vacation.”

Mackro and the rest of the team at Pakayak are using that passion to make the sport accessible for more people and to reach more places. Pakayak (pronounced packy-ak) is a 14-foot hardshell sea kayak made up of six pieces held together by clamps. When broken down, the pieces fit into each other and may be carried like a backpack.

Storage is also much simpler than a traditional kayak, as it stands three and a half feet when stacked. It takes about five minutes to assemble or take apart.

“We are calling it the ultimate kayak because it is an absolute top-of-the-line, top-performing kayak,” Mackro said. “The paddling characteristics versus the other packables … there’s no comparison at all.” Read more…

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