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high performance sea kayak
The Pakayak Revolution

Experience Superior Paddling Performance

Lean and long design stays straight in wind, waves and current.

Satisfy Your Need
For Speed

Styled after the bluefin tuna, one of the fastest creatures in the water, our patented hull design has this kayak screamin’ through the water. You’ll find it’s faster than most kayaks the same length.

Need for Speed

Surf The Waves

Combined with your paddling skills, our bluefin-shaped hull will have you surfing the waves all the way to shore.

Roll With It, Baby

Slap on a spray skirt and take it for a spin.

Roll with it, baby!

Ride The Chine

With it’s double-chined hull, you can carve your turns. Plus, the chines provide a nice secondary recovery which adds to the stability of the kayak.

This expert paddler tests one of our prototypes, ending with a big thumbs up!

Bag to Boat in
Under 3 Minutes

Now you can have your performance and convenience, too. Just wheel it to the water, assemble, and go.

Really, it is that easy!

roll pakayak bag
clamping cockpit clamps
kayaking to island
Pakayak review on Outside Magazine

Rave Reviews

Don’t take our word for it, read what these guys have to say:

Paddling Performance. Revolutionary Design.

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