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Helping to Streamline the Production Process

By April 10, 2018April 12th, 2018No Comments

Helping to Streamline the Process

Our entire team has been working at our manufacturer’s to streamline the processes by building holding fixtures and reducing steps to get boats out faster. We are producing them as fast as we can, tweaking assembly and production along the way.

bluefin 14 ready for kayaking

Spring is here - think paddling!

It’s time to think SPRING! Just ignore the snow that continues to be in the forecast here in northeastern United States. It’s time to think about paddling and where you will go with your Pakayak this summer.

Imagine: A Pakayak on Your Doorstep!

Get your boat now! If you order now, you can have a Bluefin 14 on your doorstep by summer! Think about it – a 14 foot kayak delivered to your door by UPS. Now, that’s easy!

Be One of the First to Get a Pakayak!

We’ll make your Pakayak in the first production run.