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Wow! So much happening here at Pakayak HQ! BIG UPDATES on Everything!!!!

With all of the Kickstarter soft rewards shipped (and only a few minor glitches) we press on with fine tuning the “fine tuning”. So without further ado this is what is happening.

1) Molds

We have been running the molds and streamlining the manufacturing and assembly processes. The reworking of the molds is complete and the molds are at our manufacturer waiting for the initial test run. The manufacturer had a delay in their schedule because one of their rotomolding machines went offline. They are installing a new machine and we hope to be on that machine shortly.

2) Fixtures

All of the fixtures are done! Woot! These fixtures are what we need to insure our parts will be consistently the same size and shape, today, tomorrow, next week, next year. They at our manufacturer ready for the first run.

Fixture ready to go to molder

3) Foot braces

Yup, we had to design custom foot braces to fit in our nesting kayak. Tooling has been ordered and we are expecting to see the first of the new foot braces for approval within the next couple of weeks from our plastic injection molding manufacturer.

4) Clamps

New Super Sleek Clamps! Final clamp design has been finished, after several updates and versions. Tooling and first production run has been ordered. You are going to love this new clamp. It’s tough, rugged but comfortable to operate. So much lighter than our first prototype, too! This clamp is made of the highest quality materials to withstand the harshest of marine environments.

prototype clamp

5) Seat, seat back and cockpit pad

We have received a sample foam seat that we all like, refined our design and should be receiving a prototype shortly. The seat shape and location are the same as in our prototypes but will be made from a new cutting-edge foam designed for kayak and rowing seats. The new material is quite supple and eliminates the need for an additional pad over the hard plastic. The “seat to kayak” attachment has been simplified greatly and will eliminate any movement while paddling. Prototype has been ordered and tooling will begin upon approval of prototype. The “seat back” attachment has been moved to the rim of the cockpit. This eliminates the need to remove it for packing and no more stem to get in the way. This allows better access to the storage area behind the seat. How awesome is that!!! We believe the changes are a huge improvement on the entire seat, from a user’s perspective.

As for the cockpit pad, it’s in development by our bag manufacturers and we have integrated stretchy straps to hold a water bottle or other small items (Six-pack cooler? Small bag?)

6) Bag

We have solidly moved in the physical prototyping phase and have made major improvements to the bag over all. This bag will be easier to manage and much more robust than the bags you saw in our Kickstarter video. As soon as we get an image we will share that with you.

And that’s the news, from Pakayak HQ. Until next time…be safe and healthy.

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