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Bluefin 142

80 customer reviews


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

The Original Bluefin 142 is our second generation premium packable kayak. This innovative hard-shell kayak packs down to just 42 inches in the included rolling bag. Our patented clamping system joins each section together with a durable water-tight seal in under 5 minutes.

  • Packs down to 42″
  • Assembled Length: 14’2″ feet
  • Weight: 59 lbs
  • Cockpit: 18″ x 35.5″
  • Includes Zipper Bag w/ Wheels
  • Leak-free guarantee!
  • Proudly designed, molded and hand-assembled in the USA
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Assembled Dimensions

170”L x 24”W x 16”H / 432 x 61 x 41 cm

Nested Dimensions

42”L x 24”W x 16”H / 107 x 61 x 41 cm

Bag Dimensions

44.5”L x 24”W x 16”H / 113 x 61 x 41 cm


59 lbs / 28 kg


18” x 35.5” / 46 x 90 cm

Legroom (seatback to bulkhead)

48.5” / 123 cm

Max Capacity

300 lbs / 136 kg


Plastic resin specially formulated for kayak industry


Molded and hand-assembled in the U.S.A.

*  Prices shown are U.S. Dollar retail prices, net not including taxes, duties or other customs fees. Prices subject to change without notice.

*  Color and shading may vary slightly from those shown and there may be color variations part to part as each kayak that we produce is unique. Additionally, minor scratches may occur during the de-molding process or shipping. These and the variations in color and shading are not covered by warranty.

introduce bluefin 142
pakyak bluefin 142

The Bluefin 142 has bombproof construction, tongue and groove connections and clamps that apply up to 500 pounds of holding force (EACH) and squeeze a silicone gasket making it completely watertight – we promise! And, it assembles in less than 3 minutes. Watch!

Bag to Boat in Under 3 Minutes – Time Lapse



Our Bluefin 142 is a 14’2″ touring kayak that packs inside itself to 3 ½ feet and comes in a wheeled bag. It combines performance, quality and convenience. It’s easy to store, easy to move, assembles in 3 minutes and paddles beautifully, which makes it The Ultimate Kayak. If you are not familiar with us, feel free to browse through this website and checkout this feature video.



We built our kayaks strong. How strong? Watch.


Now, let’s get into some details.

details pakyak

It Packs Inside Itself Like Russian Dolls

You’ve heard of the Russian Matryoshka dolls, the wooden dolls of decreasing sizes that all fit inside of each other, right?  Well, that’s how Pakayaks work.


Pakayak’s hard-shell nesting kayaks stack up (wink, wink) against the competition!



Pakayak is The Ultimate Kayak that fits…

  • in your closet
  • in your car
  • in the elevator
  • in your apartment
  • in your RV
  • on your power boat
  • on the train
  • in your life!

Now, you can have a kayak that fits in your life and sacrifices nothing! A packable kayak without compromise.


Easy to store, easy to move, easy to assemble, all making it easy to explore and have fun. Think about it. You just need a few minutes to get out of the office and get in your kayak. How easy is it to get out and paddle? EASY as 1, 2, 3!   

pakyak fun

With the wheeled bag, you can carry or roll it. You can even add our all-terrain wheels and roll over any surface, even up stairs! 

roll-carry pakyak

Get out and have FUN!

fun pakyak

You can fit 4 people and 4 kayaks in 1 large SUV or van, with NO ROOF RACKS!



Our patented design has been featured and reviewed on TV and many online sites. Here are a bunch.


Gear Junkie: “During my 6+ hour test on a river in Connecticut and on the choppy Long Island Sound, I kept experiencing two opposing disbeliefs: When I saw the kayak all packed up, I couldn’t believe the unit becomes an efficient, floating boat. Conversely, when I was on the water, I couldn’t believe I was paddling in a sectional kayak.”

Outside Mag: “At exactly two feet wide, the Blue Fin is plenty stable through wind-blown chop and the occasional rogue wave. It does not feel tippy, and I felt confident just sitting idle in it. As the morning fog started to clear and the south end of Catalina Island was illuminated by the sun, I was momentarily tempted to see if I could reach it by Pakayak.”

Power & Motor Yacht: “I was thoroughly surprised. Long story short: It was dry as a bone.”


In 2016, we made a splash and have been cruising ever since. We introduced the only hard-shell packable kayak and changed kayaking forever. We have happy Pak Members in over 25 countries all over the world.

pakyak map

Common Questions

Please see our FAQs page and our Knowledge Base for common questions and answers.


International Duties

INTERNATIONAL NOTE: Duties and taxes are NOT included on international orders and are due upon delivery. To calculate, use this third-party duty calculator with the HS Tariff code of 8903.99.00.00. For those of you in Canada, you can use this tool, also. Canadian customers may also incur a brokerage fee due to UPS.

80 reviews for Bluefin 142

  1. Eric Moser

    I commend the Pakayak folks for “daring to be different” and I love the concept. For comparison, I have owned other kayaks made by Epic, Necky, Dagger, Stellar, and Wilderness Systems. Each has a bit different texture of plastic. Pakayak is kind of a “nothing sticks to it” plastic texture, similar to Necky.
    I have assembly skill, and for me Pakayak assembly is a “snap” (its around 20 snaps/clamps). Will the clamps prove durable and rust-free for years and years? We’ll see. Freshwater v saltwater use & storage routine are probably big factors.
    Its not a true expedition kayak, and I imagine not for everyone. It’s for folks who want to get out, want the durability of rotomolded plastic, and can leverage the convenience of not needing cartop transport, or hanging the kayak in a garage. Cockpit feels big and roomy, at cost of decktop hand space. There is space for fishing tackle between your knees. I’d recommend a big (wide) paddle. Feels seaworthy, solid, no leaks. The big/wide black cushion pad is for thighs/knees, covering the clasps too. Fitment adjustments (foot pad, seat, back rest) are reasonably good, its a spacious cockpit. Laterally the boat is wiggly, not tippy, and with knee contact it is very controllable. It tracks fine. About a 5mph max, 13ft waterline. Very robust – it wont tip over in normal conditions, but any tip over would be a wet exit (easy exit from the big cockpit). The rand is big, but Wilderness Systems spray skirt fits it ok.
    The net amount of on-land setup work is about the same as a rooftop transport. Wipe it with a rag, keep it clean. Put it in the car, it can stay there. The storage bag doesn’t quite fit neat in my Altima. But combination parts fit fine. It’s easier to handle in pieces (see weights below). A little experience and familiarity with assembly goes a long way.
    Here is my weight data (I don’t agree this is a 49lb kayak, unless 10-15% extra is allowed). You decide. Cockpit: 15.2+14.5 lbs, Hatch sections: 9.7+7.1 lbs, front&back: 2.6+2.5 lbs, hatch covers and seat: 1.2, 1.2, 1.3, storage bag 5.3 lb (total of about 61 lbs, total of colored plastic parts alone is 51 lbs). The company response to my query on weight was as follows: “The Bluefin is created from many individual components, each of which can have a +or- variation. Our home page describes weight… Hope this helps.”
    I would say this is a good boat (not for everyone) and I like it, other than not meeting the advertised weight spec. This is based on 5-6 miles of paddling on flatwater.

  2. Michael Fingerle (verified owner)

    What a wonderful craft this is. I am in love with the stability, tracking and the ease of assembly and disassembly. It’s a beautiful craft that makes kayaking fun and comfortable.

  3. Gina

    I am very impressed with the Bluefin 142. It’s easy to assemble, very stable & tracks well. I took mine out for its maiden voyage in 2-3 foot swells, paddling against the tide & wind. It handled great & moved well in the water. Being a 5’2” 110 lb women, I found the cockpit huge.

  4. Nate wyman

    Seems alittle tippy but good performance
    Need to find swimming beach a test tipping

  5. Mark Robinson (verified owner)

    Paddles just fine on the lake, and bayside of the gulf. I haven’t had it in a current yet. There is a small amount of water in the rear compartment after each paddle. I’m hoping that wanes a bit. The portability is amazing. People are simply amazed when they see it go together. Still hoping to get that discount that was promised.

  6. Leonard Mills (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed paddling my pakayak on the river this first time. Very portable and easy to transport to the water. I was surprised at how stable it was and look forward to help this with adding thigh braces in near future. I had no problems with any leakage after spending several hours on the water. I can truly say it is my ultimate kayak for sure!

  7. Dave Domzalski (verified owner)

    6’4″ and loving it. I am 6’4″, 238lbs and writing this for the other tall guys and gals out there. I was a little concerned with the size of the Pakayak before purchasing. I was only able to take it out once before leaving the country for a month, however, the hour I spent in the water was comfortable. I was able, though just barely. to extend my legs fully in the cabin and shift them into 3 different positions as needed. I did not feel the same fatigue and discomfort in my lower back and glutes that I have in other kayaks. The tall guy benefit was that I was fully leg locked into the kayak; which gave me a ton of control.

    Great tracking, easy set up and break down, it fits easily into the bag along with a 4 piece aqua bound paddle. It was also easy to get into and out of. My only complaint is a foolish one about the size; I wish it was a little more compact on breakdown, but the laws of physics do not yet allow such a feat.

    I would recommend this to anyone who needs a more portable solution and is 6’4″ or shorter.

  8. THE RIVER RAT (verified owner)

    OK Let’s deal with the pros and cons of the PakAyaK…

    let’s start with the Pros.

    #1 It is very well made and once she is put together she feels solid.
    #2 Goes together reasonably easily, tuck me about 8 minutes the first time in my house, but I’m sure I can get that time down after some practice.
    #3 On the water she feels just like any one-piece ringed Kayak and reacts just the same too.
    #4 Plenty of leg room to stretch out.
    #5 Cuts through the water like a hot knife through butter.
    #6 The bag it packs in is also very well made and very strong.
    #7 The backrest is surprisingly comfortable, even after a few hours.
    #8 Plenty of room in the front and rear hatches for Drybags and enough room to pack for a few days camping.
    #9 When dragging her from the bow or Sterne with the handlers, she still feels solid and locked in.

    Now the Cons.

    #1 When putting her together you had better be on a Dead flat surface or you are going to have lots of problems. When I tried to get her together at my local kayak launch I couldn’t get the two main halves (cot pit) to fit together. In the end, I had to get 3 other people to hold the back of the boat whilst I fastened it together. (SO FLAT GROUND ONLY)

    #2 NOW THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION – But I think the kayak should come with thigh bracers, luckily I bought some with the kayak and I’m glad I did because I know I would not have enjoyed paddling her at all without them, as there is so much space between your legs and the side of the boat, it feels like your flapping about in the boat.

    #3 As I just said buy thigh pads and use them. But with the thigh pads, you get hip pads with them (WELL THERE JUST USELESS TO SAY THE LEAST) I not a skinny guy at 12Stone. But even after putting them in there was still about 4inch between me and the hip pads.

    #4 OK this one could be me But I found the seat Very uncomfortable and hard, so I placed a gel cushion on top now it’s great.

    #5 JUST A PERSONAL ONE — I wish the foot pegs where on some sort of spring because if you forget to push them all the way back down when packing away the kayak will not fit together, and you can spend some time trying to figure out why. (HOWEVER PAKAYAK DO MENTION THIS ON THERE SITE)

    TO SUM UP:
    This really is a great Kayak and very well made, and I’m sure I will get many years of pleasure paddling her. You wouldn’t be disappointed if you picked one up for yourself. As long as your not having to take it up and down stairs like me (SHE IS HEAVY)

    • PAKAYAK (verified owner)

      Hello and thanks for the review. We’d like to address some of the Cons you mention. #1: Need a flat surface to assemble. We suggest, and show in demo videos, using either the seat or the bag to prop up one end to make the mate surfaces come into alignment. #2 & 3: Thigh/knee braces: This is personal preference and sizing determined. When positioned correctly, our braces can provide the added control some paddlers prefer. And lastly, a note about stairs: You might try our all terrain wheels so you don’t have to carry it. Thanks, and we hope you have years of enjoyment with your Bluefin!


    Having only put the boat in the water once, I can’t really rate it. Hence, the 3 stars.

    The purchase process was extremely smooth. The assembly aids on the website and on/with the boat itself are very well done.

    It was easy to put the boat together and will be much quicker as I get more practiced. I kept freaking out about whether the nose and tail pieces were correctly clipped in and whether the hatches were sealed properly. Must have been, I made it home!

    It’s a tippy boat, with that very rounded hull, but it didn’t take long to get used to it. Tracks well. I will be interested in testing it in bigger water.

    I like it well enough to keep and explore it further. With so little experience of it, I can’t go further than that.

  10. Jeff S (verified owner)

    Is the Pakayak everything I hoped it would be? No, but I’m happy with it. The ability to come apart was a key factor for me getting a kayak at all. I drive a mini convertible, so a ‘normal’ kayak was simply out of the question. The pakayak fits, but just barely (about 1/2″ to spare). One of the things that didn’t quite click in my head when shopping for the pakayak was how big and heavy it really is…I thought there was no way a backpack couldn’t fit in my car. While technically you can put backstraps on it, its probably better to think of the carrying bag as a really big wheeled suitcase. It will not fit in my trunk and it will not fit in my back seat. I can only get the kayak in the front seat with the seat all the way forward and the back of the seat folded all the way back. That said, it does fit, so crisis averted.

    Assembly and disassembly is as easy as all the videos make it look. My only (very minor) complaint in this area is the cover that goes over the central clamps doesn’t attach that well. Perfectly fine on the water, but when disassembling you need it to cover the clamps to avoid scratching the other pieces (a mistake I’ve already made). Not difficult while dry and rested, but after a long paddle…

    As for on the water, I’m a beginner. I had no problems with the kayaks stability or getting it to go where I wanted. I was also able to keep up pretty well with a more advanced kayaker on my first trip. I was a little slower but I think that was due more to using a greenland paddle for the first time. The seat was comfortable for the first couple of hours, but I was happy to get out at the turn. Ideally I would like the kayak to be smaller and to be more connected to it… maybe down the road I’ll look into their removable pads or get used to it. That said, I’ll also keep my fingers crossed that they make a smaller model in the future.

  11. Richard (verified owner)

    This is exactly what I was looking for, a 4 meter kayak that fits in the trunk of the car. It’s awesome, and it comes together in no time!
    Bravo! 🙂

  12. D Cahoon

    We purchased these to take with us in our van. The two kayaks easily fit in the van. They are straightforward to assemble and disassemble. We paddled for 10 miles on Jackson Lake. The kayaks tracked very well. They were comfortable and adjustable. We are very pleased and look forward to many trips with them

  13. Eric Scanga (verified owner)

    Pakayak is a great product. Easy to put together and take apart. Handles well in the water and stores neatly in my garage. Thanks!

  14. Gary Giannini (verified owner)

    What an amazing kayak. A portable sea kayak with zero compromise?
    Yes, surprisingly it is.
    Slices through the water and feels plenty stable.
    It’s about 5 pounds heavier than a one piece plastic sea kayak but the extra weight is well worth it.
    What a great purchase. Zero complaints.

  15. Matt B (verified owner)

    Quick and easy assembly and disassembly. A very well thought out design to create a portable hard shell kayak.
    A major step up from my inflatable kayak in terms of paddling performance and after paddling clean up (especially drying time).

  16. Al (verified owner)

    From car to water in 10 minutes. This is fantastic. Well done

  17. Al (verified owner)

    From car to water in 10 minutes. This is fantastic.

  18. Phil (verified owner)

    Nice boat with a couple compromises.
    Pros: Easy to assemble, very very solid and confident (unlike folding boats), great sealed hatches and behind seat storage. Nice simple color choices.
    Cons: Poor secondary stability…Like really poor for a roto-kayak. Cockpit very compromised in terms of comfort and contact with the boat.
    I would love to see development of a semi-rigid drop-in seat option that has adjustable knee/hip/thigh pads included and buckle connections near the coaming to hold it in place. This would also likely solve the stability issue for most paddlers. The current add-on velcro option is a poor/expensive work-around.
    Bottom line is that we are satisfied with them, and it gets us on the water more often and with less hassle than our traditional yaks.

  19. Ryan M (verified owner)

    I’m a novice kayaker, in the paddling paradise of Southwest Florida. After an at-home float and rescue test, I took my brand-new Pakayak out to Rookery Bay yesterday, and had a great time on the mangrove trails and paddling the bay with dolphins. A Bluefin 142 will fit into the trunk of a Tesla Model 3 with the back seats folded down, and plenty of room left over for gear. I also brought along a collapsible kayak cart (with large sand wheels) for the paddlecraft park boat launch, and it easily fit into the front hatch of the Pakayak. That way, I could assemble in the parking lot and walk it down to the launch area. I was very impressed with the amount of storage, and speed of the Pakayak. Although the hull size is long for the job, I was still able to maneuver through the mangrove trails with the strong current of an outgoing tide. After the 2-hour ride, the rear storage compartment (which remained sealed with my safety gear) was completely dry. I am looking forward to more exploration with the Pakayak!

  20. Örn Þórðarson (verified owner)

    I’m really happy with my Pakayak and the freedom it gives me. Love the portability and how it fits inside my. Fulfills all my expectations!

  21. Tammy S.

    My husband and I love to kayak but we have never been able to have our own kayaks because of transportation and storage issues. A friend told us about foldable kayaks which sent me down the rabbit hole researching all types of more portable kayaks. That is how we discovered Pakayak. It ticked all the boxes we wanted for ease of transportation in our smallish cars, the ability to store them in our garage without taking up too much space all while having the durability of a hard shell kayak. We were concerned about the primary stability given the length and width of the boat, but decided to take a chance and try them out; so glad we did. They are fantastic!!!! We were a little wobbly our first time out, but adjusted quickly. We have taken the kayaks out every weekend since they arrived. They are simple to assemble and we have gotten faster with each successive outing. The boats track beautifully and are such a pleasure to paddle. We even had them out on a windy day with white caps on the reservoir just to see how they would handle it. They cut right through the waves and we had a blast paddling that day. We couldn’t be happier with our purchase and are so excited to finally have our own kayaks to take out whenever we want!

  22. HBechtold (verified owner)

    Fits in my apartment closet and allows me to explore the local lakes and rivers!

  23. Frank (verified owner)

    The good reviews are spot on. The option to put the craft in the car or on top opens a lot of opportunity for spontaneous boating. I travel with it and whenever I see a body of water I am good to go, but don’t have the issue of having a giant boat on the car top. It is not light, highly suggest the optional larger wheels to get the kayak as close to the water as possible before assembly. Of course, home storage is much easier than with a full size kayak.

  24. Robert Rzeszuto (verified owner)

    This kayak was build for me. I live in a condo, no garage, so I can easily store this boat. It fits easily in the back sit of my car, I drive sedan. I’m not a big guy, 160 pounds, so this thing is very fast on the water, very easy to handle. The best kayak I have ever been in. Sit is great. No problems so far. Great kayak.

  25. Linda (verified owner)

    Worth every penny!!!! So much fun and easy to use. We received our pak a yaks a couple days earlier than expected on a Tuesday and we hit the lake on Friday. Fridays are now our kayaking day. Living in Arizona we can go almost all year round. Really happy with our purchase and the customer service is great. They kept us up to date on the progress of our build and are quick to respond to any questions. We are recommending to everyone. Thank you Pak a Yak for the great product and all the fun.

  26. Gary Blunkall (verified owner)

    We recently purchased two Bluefin 142 kayaks. We are very pleased with our purchase. The “boats” are beautiful and graceful on the water. They truly meet the claims in the promotional and educational material provided by the company. Since we live in a rather small townhouse, the nesting feature if perfect for us given the limited storage space in our unit. It was a pleasure working with the Pakayak Team. They were cooperative, responsive and dedicated to making our purchase effortless from the order process through ensuring we had everything we needed for enjoyable kayaking. We are highly pleased with the product and service provided by Pakayak.

  27. Tommy Merritt (verified owner)

    The Pakayak is great, easy to transport and setup. Tracking and turning are both good and weight is just a few pounds heavier than other 14.2 kayaks.

  28. Emily (verified owner)

    For someone who is not willing to transport a 4m+ kayak on the roof top of their car, Pakayak is a solid option. Love the look and feel of Bluefin 142. In the water, you can hardly notice it’s a sectioned kayak.

  29. Pam Lloyd (verified owner)

    Great fun! Super easy to put together and store. Looking forward to more adventures on the water in my new toy.

  30. ed (verified owner)

    After waiting years to get one, I finally pulled the ripcord & bought one in November. I took her out on new years day 2023. My journey was a short dip in East River from Pier 2 in Brooklyn to beach landing between Bridges at Carousel. I took the subway to & from park to my home in Brooklyn. What a joy to able to travel without a car to go kayaking around NYC.

  31. Aileen Adams (verified owner)

    I”ve paddled my Pakayak twice since purchase. Overall, I’m very impressed. It buckles together very easily and is intuitive to assemble/disassemble. Performance is pretty decent too! I normally paddle a 16 foot Kevlar sea kayak and I was still pleasantly surprised at the glide and handling. Some things I don’t like are the high back band, the lack of rocker on the bow, and the fairly uncomfortable seat – but these are necessary sacrifices to be able to take it apart and stack it up. I’ll be getting extra cushion for the seat! I would not recommend the knee and hip pads either – they seem like a pain and don’t really do much anyway. But again on a positive note, it was really great at the end of the day to put it in the back of my Kia Soul instead of loading onto the roof. Clean up at home was easier too since I could handle it in pieces. It’s a really nice option for me for shorter trips and areas where I prefer a plastic kayak – pretty much what I wanted out of it!

  32. Joanne Bornt (verified owner)

    So my husband and I purchased two Bluefin 142s in September, 2022. We’ve now been out in them four times … and we LOVE them!!! The first couple times took a little getting use to. Mostly because the kayaks we were using previously are 4 feet shorter and nowhere near as smooth! We live just south of the Adirondacks in upstate NY. We’re having so much fun, we’re heading to the Delaware shore soon to try them out in the ocean!!! BEST PURCHASE IN 2022!!!

  33. andreas malzacher (verified owner)

    Thanks, first time on the water, great fun, good stability

  34. Fred Kratky

    I’ve had Bluefin 142 for three months now and have paddled it in local small lakes, a local river, Gerogian Bay and Lake Superior.

    This kayak is everything it promisses. It comes together in around 3 minutes and can be taken apart and packed away in 10 minutes. It handles wind and waves like a sea kayak should.

    I’ve bumped and scraped the kayak on rocks gravel and submerged tree stumps and it takes it like a champ.

    It has lived in the back of my car for the last three months so that I can go out for a paddle after work or on the weekend when I want to with no effort other than getting up and hopping in the car.

    This winter it will live in my appartment closet as I eagerly await for spring.

    Is it worth the price? You bet!!

  35. Nelson villa (verified owner)

    Excellent stability no leaks easy assembly very sleek cons are a bit heavy when carrying up or down stairs I would recommend having stair climbing wheels added on to the bag like they have on some dolleys

  36. Marc Desrochers (verified owner)

    Met my expectations. The decision was made based on the original Pakayak 14, I tested locally. I knew I needed more leg room (for stretching my legs out) at the very least and the 142 met that. Is it perfect…no. But then what is, these days and they are still restricted within the confines of keeping it packable . A defective side gasket (an issue which I brought to their attention) was quickly replaced based on the warranty. It weights more then I would like but I knew that, prior to purchasing it. What would I change….other then the weight…..the small narrow back rest and the foot pegs. The foot pegs measure 3 inches wide. For my extra wide feet, a 4 inch wide set of pegs would have been preferable, assuming they make them that wide. As I received my PaKayak in September of 2022, I only had a chance to take it once on the water (before the cool weather set in) and that was to perform a short sea worthy test for lack of a better word. A more thorough impression of the Kayak will be forthcoming in the new year. Note: The additional foam pad accessory (which is separately available) for securing your hips and setting your knee placement will not meet everyone’s requirements.

  37. Jim whitfield (verified owner)

    Performance is great. The collapsing and assembly works very well. The latches are very secure. Love everything about the boat.

  38. Satisfied Greenhorn (verified owner)

    Easy to put together. Biggest complaints are not being prepared for how heavy the bag actually is (NOT that I would want the kayak any less sturdy!)m the difficulty in getting the bulkhead caps to stay sealed tightly (mine easily pop off, even when they appear tightly sealed which has me not using the all terrain wheels that I bought, as I don’t wish to lose any parts until I get better paddling), and the tight fit of the bag. Sorry to have bought the sprayskirt, as fighting to get it to fit takes longer than putting the kayak together. Absolutely LOVE hauling the kayak to shore and unnesting it to drain water after accidentally capsizing it. Would I buy it again? Yes…and no. It is a quality kayak, and if I could only have one, this is the one I would own. Love the sturdiness and lack of needing to maintain a trailer or put on/take off a vehicle kayak rack. As a sit in kayak, it is much more tipsy than I had hoped to experience, but I shall get used to it. This kayak reminds me of the original molded sit-in kayaks that I used thirty years ago, and probably isn’t for a beginner kayaker….but I am having fun and don’t care.

  39. Andrea (verified owner)

    My third kayak. First one is a 24 inch-wide, 13-foot inflatable that I loved until it started leaking. The second is a 21 inch-wide, 16-foot hard shell that’s pretty fast but, super hard to transport. So, this new Pakayak doesn’t feel too tippy at 24 inches wide, 14-foot and is plenty fast. If you’re thinking primary stability is an issue, rest assured that you’ll master this kayak and never go back to any flat-bottomed kayak again- they’re so boring. I’ve probably spend 25-30 hours in this kayak. Seat is comfortable and I love that the transport bag is meant to store behind the seat. So far, I’ve been in three different rivers and two lakes. It’s so nice not to deal with a roof rack. It would be nice if the wheels on the bag were a bit bigger but, I understand that they might not fit in the kayak if that were so. I’m looking into adding thigh braces and am glad to have the option. All around, I’m very happy with this kayak and I’m looking forward to many, many years of use.

  40. Josh (verified owner)

    These are fantastic! We bought two, one for each of us. Both fit in 1 car. First Kayak we’ve ever had seeing how we live near so many lakes. No leaks so far. A bit heavy if you’re lugging it far but that’s normal for a kayak of this size.

  41. jdigaetano (verified owner)

    Three short paddles and I love it. My wife got in a couple hours with it and so I had to order one for her.

  42. Jane Richardson (verified owner)

    I purchased my Pakayak in late May. It arrived in a week. I took my maiden voyage last weekend, and it was heavenly. I’m 68 years old and single, and I chose Pakayak because I want to handle a kayak without help. I’m a petite 5’ 1” and I was able to launch it without help. My friend and I got two Pakayaks and all the gear in my Honda CR-V.

  43. Steven Fox (verified owner)

    I have used my new Pakayak two times so far. I would say that I like it a lot and am happy with my purchase. I would suggest that the rivets be improved. The rivets holding the castors to the bottom of the pack loosened up immediately and I replaced them with nuts and bolts. Furthermore, the rivets holding the seat back straps failed completely on the first use. The company promptly supplied replacement metal nuts and nylon bolts. I know these are relatively benign problems and not actually complaints about the performance of the kayak. I merely mention as areas of necessary improvement.

  44. Rene chamorro

  45. Grace Lynch

    I got my Pakayak three years ago. I wanted a good sturdy sit in kayak. I did not want a cheap plastic sit on top, I’ve tried them and they did not handle well and we’re not comfortable. I have a tiny little house and could not store a regular kayak in there, I have a carport where things are stolen if they have any worth at all, and I kayak solo a lot and was worried I couldn’t get a kayak on a roof rack. The Pakayak is the perfect answer to all my problems and has given me hours of fun and relaxation. It’s one of the better birthday presents I’ve ever given to myself. If you’re considering getting one of these, just do it. You won’t be sorry.

  46. Raphael (verified owner)

    A perfect Kayak. Good performance in the water and kind service.

  47. Steve Krasnow

    I received my Pakayak Bluefin 14 June, 2019. It has been all across the Tar Heel State in rivers and lakes. I have taken it on three day trips( max) with no issues. I have used my Pakayak over 150 times. Doug fitted my kayak with thigh braces and a rudder which was so nice of him. I ALWAYS use the braces. I have paddled my Pakayak more than 1000 miles in all conditions. Honestly, it is the most balanced boat I have ever experienced. It has been in 30 mph plus winds and mopping up squalls and heavy tidal currents. No issues for me.
    I paddle here in NC year round and with the skirt and proper gear it is so much fun. I still don’t understand how Doug Mackro engineered a boat that was so stable and maneuverable that the rudder is really not necessary. I can easily negotiate any windcocking and up to two foot whitecaps. I use the rolled up carry bag as a additional seat back to reinforce my back while I rotate. My wife LOVES that the kayak is not in the roof as we travel around the region. I had a local kayak expert look at the Pakayak and he suggested I order replacement stainless steel brackets for my original model Bluefin and said it would last for a very long time, I am not easy on my boats because I use them a lot and in different landscapes and conditions. So far so good.
    In addition, since it is so balanced and 24 inches wide, the Pakayak is the perfect boat to train less experienced paddlers.

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

  49. dan


  50. Sue R. (verified owner)

    All of the order arrived quickly and in one piece. Great service. Been out twice and look forward to my next paddle.

  51. William Hoyt (verified owner)

    The Bluefin is everything I expected and more. On my maiden voyage the Pakayak and I landed in a full photo spread of a newspapaer reporter’s story on lake conditions.
    The boat and I have a lifetime of adventurers starting now.

  52. Sze kai Neo (verified owner)

    Hi there just received the kayak. All is good but one nut and screw is missing for the strap to the back rest as shown in the attached photo below

    • PAKAYAK (verified owner)

      Hello, thank you for the review. We are sorry for the issue with the nylon screw as it seems it broke during shipping. Please fill out our warranty form (https://pakayak.com/warranty-request-form/) and we’ll get a replacement sent to you.
      Team Pakayak

  53. Mike Jones (verified owner)

    Pakayak is a dream come true, being an apartment dweller in San Diego California. My wife and I each own a Pakayak and we are able to store both in our one bedroom apartment which is amazing, but even more amazing is that I can fit two 14 foot kayaks in my Jeep Wrangler! How many people can say they have gone off-roading with two kayaks in their Jeep? We can… Despite living in San Diego and having plenty of amazing places to go Kayaking we have taken our Kayaks on multiple trips out of state to explore the wonderful lake powell!

    Our Pakayaks even allowed us to go on an adventure “normal” kayak could not go on. Catalina Island is off the Coast of Los Angeles and has beautiful crystal clear water and plenty of boat in only campsites. Normally you have to rent a kayak on the island for a lot of money or spend a lot of money to ship your kayak to the island. With our Pakayak Kayaks we were able to easily roll them onto the ferry which brings you to the island and set up once we got there for our adventure!

    Pakayaks are the true adventure kayak, that you can easily store and transport. There are other collapsible kayaks on the market that we have owned but were afraid that their flimsiness would get destroyed on a real adventure making beach landings on unknown rocky beaches. We have put our two Pakayaks to the test and they have been absolutely amazing on all our adventures!

  54. Christopher Turner (verified owner)

    I really love this Kayak! It’s beautiful and performs well on water with no heavy wind. The wind pushes you around a bit. The seat is not very confortable and makes my buttocks fall asleep pretty quickly.

  55. Corinne (verified owner)

    The Pakayak came in the wrong color (Chili instead of Sunshine). I had to return it to a drop-off location, and wait for the correct one to be sent. There was no extended courtesy for the time spent packing and driving to the Fed-Ex location a second time (small % off, complimentary t-shirt, or kayak accessory of some kind) which would have been what I would have done for someone based on a negligent mistake on behalf of the company. I sent the company emails and phone messages which were followed up shortly after by one of the owners on during a weekend which was nice. After receiving the correct color kayak, I took it out to inspect it only to find a small gauge/area of damage about the size of a quarter on the outside of one of the pieces. This to bummed me out. I think it could have been due to excessive rubbing by a buckle on the plastic during the shipment. I just figured I would just have to deal with it, so as not go through once again the process of contacting the company and driving again to return it. I think the inner packaging of the Pakayak could be improved to prevent that from happening. So, I have a slightly imperfect kayak that I will just deal with. Aside from those two issues, I like the kayak itself. Being that it is winter in Illinois, it will be a bit of time before I can test it on the water. I put it together in my living room, and it seems like it will be a pretty solid piece to maneuver.

    • PAKAYAK (verified owner)

      Hello Corinne, thank you for the review. We apologize for the shipment of the incorrect color and we didn’t know about the damage during shipping to the second one. We would be happy to offer something for your troubles. Please fill out our warranty form and we’ll get right back to you. We appreciate your suggestions and will look to implement better packaging.
      Team Pakayak

  56. Patrick S. (verified owner)

    Easy to assemble and stable on the water. With my dry suite almost any day is a good day to kayak.

  57. Loryn (verified owner)

    I purchased without trying one based on others reviews. I needed portability but still wanted what I deemed a real rotomolded kayak. Pakayak checked all the boxes.
    I was able to try it in an open pool session as I live in the upper Midwest and not experienced enough to go winter kayaking. Other than needing practice getting in and out ( I was always sit on top kayaks), I got accustom to the feel of it in about 10 minutes. Assembly and disassemble is 10 minutes for me. I know I made the right choice. I have a kayak I can grow into. I won’t need to buy another kayak down the road. Excited to now have the freedom to go anywhere.

  58. DanT (verified owner)

    Been enjoying my Pakayak all summer. My only regret is that I took so long to make the decision to buy it. Ordered it just in time for the summer of 2020 covid production delays, salvaged that summer in a cheap inflatable kayak, and hated working so hard to keep up with others, and how the deflated kayak stays wet for days and gets stinky. When I got the Pakayak out on the water, wow, really wow. First Pakayak use was early spring at a small boat ramp. This would have been just a float test, but it paddled so easy I went out of the launch area into the river channel and easily made headway upstream. No way that inflatable could do this. Already, I know this yak’s worth it.

    Paddling with friends, it’s easy to keep up, or relax and then catch up. At the launch, I can assemble/disassemble in the time it takes them to deal with their roof rack tie straps. We drove out to explore lakes in eastern Washington. During the return trip, strong gusty wind buffets the yaks on the roof rack, so their drive was slow and stressful. My yak was safe inside.

    Paddling with other groups I saw 17ft ‘expedition’ kayaks, shorter and wider ‘fishing’ kayaks, and a novice struggling with ORU assembly. Glad to have a Pakayak. If you’re reading this review trying to decide, hey just get one.


    The Pakayak spray skirt is zippered for easy access to things inside the cockpit. It keeps the paddle drippings out of the cockpit. I use it for every outing.

    The wheels included on the bag are useful only for smooth floor, not pavement. The shoulder straps included with the Pakayak for backpacking it are painfully narrow. For this much weight (59 pounds for yak plus 5 pounds for bag) it really needs a waist harness to relieve weight on shoulders. Pakayak offers an All-Terrain Wheels kit for the bag. I use Railblaza C-TUG Sandtrakz. It straps to the bag, or to the assembled yak. I can roll to the water and then stow the wheels in the forward hatch.

  59. Susan B. (verified owner)

    Love these kayak as we can get both in our motorhome garage along with our bikes. Looking forward to touring round Europe next spring. We tried them out in a local loch and the were far superior to the previous kayak we had. Easy to assemble, we used a cheap yoga mat to build them up on as it was very muddy where we were.

  60. Vivek (verified owner)

    Love it! Easy to assemble. A great sea kayak!

  61. Thomas Mayer (verified owner)

    It’s a solid boat. It was fairly easy to assemble. I have put it together and taken it apart twice without any problems. It maneuvers well in the water. Have only had it out once. Pretty comfortable. The only improvement I would like to see is to have a rudder. My other kayaks both have rudders with foot pedals and it’s easy to keep them on course especially when not paddling. The pakayak will start veering as soon as you stop paddling. It would be nice to have a rudder but that may not be feasible with the design of the boat. Just a thought. But otherwise I am pleased with the product and looking forward to using it on future expeditions. Thanks for inventing this design

    • PAKAYAK (verified owner)

      Hi Thomas, thank you for your review. We would like to point out that we do offer a rudder kit that can be added to the Bluefin that can be quickly and easily taken off to allow for nesting. https://pakayak.com/shop/rudder-kit-for-bluefin-142/

  62. Kelley Buttrick

    I own two Pakayaks. One original Bluefin 14 and a Bluefin 142. They are the ultimate in portability and functionality. It’s easy to put them in the back of my Jeep Wrangler and go anywhere to paddle. My Pakayaks come camping with me anytime I’m near water and always attract a lot of attention. Since I’m on the shorter side, it’s nice not to have to climb stools and ladders to then strap kayaks to the top of my vehicle and drive worried one may fall. I just roll the bag to the back of my Jeep and slide it in. The Pakayak assembles and disassembles quickly. My Pakayaks give me the freedom to paddle any time, anywhere!

  63. Marie

    I have had my Pakayak Bluefin 142 for almost a year and a half now and I absolutely LOVE it! Prior to purchasing this boat I did a lot of research into kayaks that would fit my lifestyle and my budget. I wanted a boat that was durable, reliable, portable, and configured in a way that would allow me to do long haul kayak camping trips. There are quite a few options out there, from traditional unibody kayaks, to folding, and skin on frame boats. I primarily kayak solo in high alpine rocky mountain lakes, and long wide prairie rivers in Canada. I needed a boat that could withstand rock scuffs, safely allow me to handle cold and unpredictable weather, fit all my camping gear, and be portable enough to easily travel with it solo.

    After extensive reading I decided to opt for the Pakayak. What appealed to me was the durable rotomolded construction (to handle the inevitable jagged rock scuffs), the watertight front and back sections (for secure storage and added safety), and the compact design when stored (it fits in the back seat of my hatchback!)

    – Very durable.
    – Latches are secure and easy to use. I have never had a problem with leakage, the boat is very water tight.
    – There is no need to purchase a roof rack or kayak carrier (which typically costs a minimum of $300), and the kayak can fit in my car and garage very easily.
    – If you kayak solo you will not need to struggle with lifting a boat onto the roof, the kayak can be easily managed by one person (this was a MAJOR pro for me).
    – The kayak handles very well. Its tracking is very crisp and it edges very well too.
    – The price is very competitive for a more advanced boat.
    – The cockpit for the boat is quite large, but my Seals spray skirt fits very well. This boat can handle rolling and more challenging weather conditions.
    – All components of the boat are replaceable, parts are sold on the Pakayak website. I haven’t needed to replace anything, but it’s nice to know I can if I want to.
    – There is ample room in the boat for tall people. I am 5ft 11 and the boat feels quite comfortable.
    – Boat assembly is easy and takes me about 10 minutes. Putting the boat away in the garage at the end of the day literally takes about 15 seconds to roll it into its spot.
    – I have taken this boat on multi day long haul camping trips, up to 10 hours of paddling per day. It is comfortable and reliable.

    – The travel wheels that come with the bag are very handy, but not great for travelling over anything other than paved surfaces. If you intend to take your boat off road for a bit I suggest purchasing the larger wheels from Pakayak.

    Bonus Pro! The Pakayak customer service is absolutely awesome! If you have any questions or concerns they are incredibly responsive, and they truly care about your enjoyment of the boat. My Pakayak was built with a slightly earlier model of clamp. I never had any issues with the clamps at all, but Pakayak reached out to me when a newer version was released and sent me all new clamps for the entire boat! When I received the package with the new clamps I was absolutely blown away. Not only had they sent me all new clamps and install instructions, but they even sent me all the tools needed to make the upgrade, including an electric screwdriver and 90 degree angle attachment. Wow! The upgrade was easy and I have been loving my boat ever since. Amazing customer care!

  64. Kim Lee Josephsen (verified owner)

    Hi, I am Kim. I am Danish but I live in South Korea. I have passed 63 this year and never sailed or owned a kayak. However, I was tempted many times to get one, as it always looked fascinating when other people paddled on. Fresh air, move your muscles, come around, enjoy. That should be a go for it. I live in an apartment with no possibility to have a kayak hanging over the car in the common basement parking. Driving a sports car with roof rails would not be an obvious option as well. Therefore, I dropped the idea until I found various packable kayak types on the internet. My love fell fast on the good-looking Pakayak Bluefin 142 with the checklist easily satisfied:
     Ship to Korea
     Can be stored in the APT
     Can go in the car
     Easy assembly
     Easy re-packing into the storage bag
     Wheels under the bag
    Naturally, the C19 Pandemic problem also gave challenges for the Pakayak manufacturing. After some delay, I e-mailed with Pakayak to get news about the situation. I got nice return mails and I felt comfortable with the people of Pakayak. Good attitude and mind towards customer.
    Finally, I received the 142. Immediately I tried to assemble it in my apt. (wife not too happy with me) to get acquainted with it and to not look stupid at my first assembly at sea side! It was not difficult though.
    Then studied internet on how to get in and out of the kayak, how to sit, how to paddle. Soon the first paddling, next weekend again, etc. very good and new feeling getting around in a kayak. Big waves were a bit scary at first until I felt that the 142 had no problem with it.
    One day I got a clamp lock damaged and needed a new one. Contacted Pakayak – they would arrange the necessary for me to self-service the matter in Korea. That was fine for me (I like small DIY jobs like that so no problem).
    Totally, a very nice product, nice people with the right mindset (I would like to meet them one day), good dialog and service – what more can you ask. Just the way it shall be. I am happy I bought the 142.
    Best Regards

  65. Elke Fahland

    I got my pakayak in June 2018, and I’ve never paddled so much before, although I’ve been paddling since my childhood. Rivers, lakes, Baltic Sea, Greece, Italy…..I planned to make a collage that shows all these different places….but it was not possible. So look at these impressions….
    The only tobremark……the weight of 28 kg is more for me as I thought…..

  66. Arthur Mollenhauer

    I finally got my “bad boy” out on the water. Great day. Nice and calm. What I like: The color, of course. Yak is nimble and easy to maneuver. Spacious enough interior (I’m 6’1” @ 205#). Easy to get into. Paddles with ease (maybe not quite as fast as my Pungo 120). Ease of transport (in the back of my Honda CRV & wheeled to the lake with a 2 wheeled kayak cart placed under section 3). Gets a lot of attention 😊. The seat is “adequate.” I still have to find the right foot brace position for handling. What I dislike: the inadequate back support. My back was actually supported by the back of the cockpit. Not overly uncomfortable for a one hour paddle but, insufficient support.
    All in all, it’s a keeper!

  67. Daniel Ortiz

    Buying my Pakayak has been one of the Best Buy’s of my life! I love being on the water and with my Bluefin I’m able to have a high quality kayak that enables me to access places I otherwise wouldn’t be able to get to! I’ve kayaked on open water, sandbars, mangroves and it handles beautifully! Every time I go out and I’m either setting up or packing up I always get stoped and asked about my Yak since everyone is so impressed. Plus with its compact size it fits in the back seat of my Corolla with ease and takes up very minimal space in my garage. With the size being 14ft and the width being what it is this is the best well rounded kayak you can find since I find it to be very sturdy, cuts through water well, can carry a lot of gear, and gets you almost anywhere you think a kayak can go. Definitely recommend this for anyone who is wanting a portable kayak since this is without a doubt the best one on the market!

  68. Alexander Stewart

    This past spring we discovered how much we enjoy kayaking. We have always loved being in, around or on the water and a guide at a local kayak rental place suggested Pakayak. Living in an apartment with limited storage, this was the perfect solution. The ease with which they assemble and disassemble continues to amaze us (as well as anyone around when we are out kayaking). We continue to completely love our Pakayaks.

  69. Hill

    Awesome! I can comfortably stretch my legs out in front of me, cross them inside, put my knees up, or lean back and put my legs out on top of the boat for a more relaxed paddle. Two Pakayaks fit in my Forester and with my bad back, it’s an extra bonus to not have to lift the boat to the top of the car, especially if I’m going out solo. Smooth, streamlined performance too! Get it.

  70. Cynthia

    I am a new paddler. A few years back, a friend and I decided to haul her traditional kayaks out and take them to a lake for a spin. Her husband loaded them at her house. We were able to get them off the roof rack but it was impossible for us to load them back on. We had to summons the “tall guy” in the parking lot for help.
    When I was intoduced to Pakayak, I knew I had to have one. I bought the Surf color and fell in love. I have had it for 5 years. It’s sweet. It tracks beautifully and smoothly. I even fish from mine. I am an avid camper and take it everywhere I go. I load it right inside my hybrid camper. I love to explore new lakes with it and find fresh blueberries for the picking! Everywhere I take it, people are so curious about it. The owners are super supportive if I have any questions. This, by far, is one of my smartest and funnest purchases I’ve ever made. Happy paddling. Hope to see you at a lake nearby!!

  71. Mike

    My wife and I are avid kayakers and have been paddling lakes, rivers and shorelines across the Northeastern US for many years (using a variety of different boats). We’ve been using Pakayaks since they first came on the market and there is no question that the design is ingenious and works really well! The updated version (Bluefin 142) adds some extra legroom, which is more than enough for both of us (I have a 32” inseam and my wife has a 34” inseam!!). Assembling and disassembling is a cinch, and the paddling dynamics rival any sea kayak we’ve tried. It amazes me that this 14’ boat is so packable without any compromises in performance or durability. You CAN have your cake and eat it too!!

  72. Suzanne K Werth

    Love it! I’m new to the sport and love this kayak! It’s super easy to assemble, paddles like a dream, tracks straight and true. Fits comfortably in the back of my convertible and makes me look like a pro! Get yourself one of these boats – you’ll be glad you did! Sunshine color is sweet ☀️

  73. Cort

    PAKAYAK is a great boat that easily gets me out on the water for everything from casual paddling, to radical play, riding the surf.
    I paddle outrigger canoes and surfskis competitively. I love being on the water with my friends, and not all of them are competitive. A sea kayak is much more stable and therefore friendly even for non-paddlers. The Pakayak is transportable. At a little over 14 feet fully assembled, it packs down into about 3.5 feet. So, a rack is not necessary on my car or for storage. I can take it up the elevator. And it travels with me on flights to beautiful places around the world! The handling on the water is better than other sea kayaks I have owned. As an ocean canoe paddler, speed and glide are important to me. I did not expect those qualities in a sea kayak and was pleasantly surprised that the Pakayak tracks very nicely (no wobble from side to side) and is great surfing the shore break. I use a standard sprayskirt when playing in the waves.
    If you are looking for a transportable watercraft filled with fun, PAKAYAK is the boat for you!

  74. Sean Moriarty

    I have owned my Pakayak since they first came out. I was not an experienced paddler but liked to go out every once in a while. I decide to purchase the Pakayak for the convenience of transporting it. I fell in love with my Pakayak from the get go. The ease of assembly and actual use are phenomenal. I am 6’2″ tall and am pretty comfortable in the 14. I recently tried out my cousin’s 142 and love it even more. I am not a small man and it is stable and tracks great. As an added bonus, my wife and I can fit both of our Pakayaks in her very small Ford Fiesta.

  75. Gideon

    I’ve never had a place to store a kayak so I just accepted that I’d have to rent every time I wanted to paddle… until Pakayak. Not only is the Pakayak so much easier to store than other Kayaks, it’s also an incredible light and smooth boat to paddle!

  76. John DiPrima

    Looking for something like this.

  77. Matthew Clark

    An absolute must for anyone serious about kayaking, but doesn’t have the space or the patience for all the storage and transportation hassles that come with owning a legit touring kayak.

    I live in central Florida, where there are beautiful kayaking opportunities abound, and since around 2013 I’ve been a fairly frequent paddler. For quite some time I would rent a kayak or paddle board probably almost weekly, as I am an apartment dweller and small car owner, and the costs of renting really started to add up. I started working for a rental and tour company in 2016, and was able to get in a real touring style kayak for the first time. The difference in performance and paddling experience compared to the sit-on-tops I’d been used to was mind-blowing! I enjoyed paddling and started exploring paddling routes with distances that seemed previously inconceivable due to the sluggishness of the average sit-on-tops I was used to. When I moved on from the rental and tour company, I really missed having access to a touring boat. I found a really nice used Necky Looksha Sport 14.5 and decided to go for it, it could live in my living room and I’d deal with strapping it to the rack-less roof of my little hatchback. I loved that boat, but the hassle of using it regularly led to me paddling far less frequently than I would have liked. I’d often leave it strapped on my car roof for days at a time because it was easier than thoroughly washing it and hauling it up and into my apartment, where there was barely room for it anyway, but I constantly worried about it being stolen off my car. I finally decided that there had to be a better way, and I started looking into portable options for touring kayaks. I was blown away by the concept of the Pakayak, and quickly sold my Necky and bit the bullet. It was the best purchase decision I’ve made in my life!

    The Bluefin 14 and 142 both perform incredibly similarly to any other high end touring kayak, it tracks very well, is tough enough to handle bumps and scrapes and portages over logs and branches with ease, and packs in to a bag that can fit 3 times over in my hatchback! Seriously, a 14 foot boat that packs into 3.5×2 feet… I was (and am) in love! Now, I paddle more days than I don’t, and it’s all thanks to this brilliant sectional nesting wonder of engineering. I’ve since acquired 2 more to bring friends and family out. Thank you Pakayak!

  78. Rich Kosh (verified owner)

    I began kayaking in inflatable kayaks because it made no sense to spend a lot of money on something I might not like. It turned out to be a passion and I quickly decided that I needed to upgrade to a hardshell kayak. Without a roof rack, and looking at spending a lot of money for rails and a rack before I could even buy a kayak was very discouraging. Then I heard about Pakayak.

    I did my research, and ordered a Bluefin 142 during COVID lockdown. It took a while to get it, since even Pakayak was closed down for a while, but once it arrived I was amazed. It fits together in less than 5 minutes and is rock-solid. It actually takes longer to assemble on some days, because I end up with lots of looki-loos asking me questions as I put it together. In the water, it handles like a dream. I’ve taken it out about 30 times so far, and each time I’m liking it more and more. It handles the ocean just as easily as the lakes, and paddling a mile off shore, even in moderate swells is usually not an issue. This is probably the best investment I’ve made in a long time. I highly recommend you try a Pakayak.

  79. Ron

    Unlimited adventure in a portable bag! Yes please! We have been paddling our pakayak kayaks since the original model first hit the water. We have 3 and room for one more in the garage. I can easily fit 2 Pak’s in the back of my small SUV. No worry about the boat flying off the roof on the road. Easy to unpack and pack up at the end of your trip. This is a legit Kayak that cuts through the water, true and easy. Great investment in good times!

  80. Ben

    I’ve been paddling a Bluefin since their original model, the Bluefin 14. This picture is actually with one of the owners of the company, Doug Mackro. If you’re on the fence about buying one of these kayaks, just do it. You’re going to LOVE it.

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