Bluefin 142 – Chili
Bluefin 142 – Chili
Bluefin 142 – Chili
Bluefin 142 – Chili
Bluefin 142 – Chili
Bluefin 142 – Chili
Bluefin 142 – Chili
Bluefin 142 – Chili
Bluefin 142 – Chili

Bluefin 142

54 customer reviews



Bluefin 142 is our second generation premium packable kayak. This innovative hard-shell kayak packs down to just 42 inches in the included rolling bag. Our patented clamping system joins each section together with a durable water-tight seal in under 5 minutes.

  • Packs down to 42″
  • Assembled Length: 14’2″ feet
  • Weight: 59 lbs
  • Cockpit: 18″ x 35.5″
  • Includes Zipper Bag w/ Wheels
  • Leak-free guarantee!
  • Proudly designed, molded and hand-assembled in the USA
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Additional information

Weight 59 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 25 × 17 in

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Assembled Dimensions

170”L x 24”W x 16”H / 432 x 61 x 41 cm

Nested Dimensions

42”L x 24”W x 16”H / 107 x 61 x 41 cm

Bag Dimensions

44.5”L x 24”W x 16”H / 113 x 61 x 41 cm


59 lbs / 28 kg


18” x 35.5” / 46 x 90 cm

Legroom (seatback to bulkhead)

48.5” / 123 cm

Max Capacity

300 lbs / 136 kg


Plastic resin specially formulated for kayak industry


Molded and hand-assembled in the U.S.A.

*  Prices shown are U.S. Dollar retail prices, net not including taxes, duties or other customs fees. Prices subject to change without notice.

*  Color and shading may vary slightly from those shown and there may be color variations part to part as each kayak that we produce is unique. Additionally, minor scratches may occur during the de-molding process or shipping. These and the variations in color and shading are not covered by warranty.

Compare the Bluefin 14 and the Bluefin 142

introduce bluefin 142
pakyak bluefin 142

With the new design, our revolutionary kayak will fit a greater range of paddlers.

Just like the original Bluefin 14, the Bluefin 142 has bombproof construction, tongue and groove connections and clamps that apply 500 pounds of holding force (EACH) and squeeze a silicone gasket making it completely watertight – we promise! And, it assembles in less than 3 minutes. Watch!

Bag to Boat in Under 3 Minutes – Time Lapse


Bag to Boat in Under 3 Minutes – Time Lapse

compare 14 vs 142



As you may already know, our flagship model is a 14ft touring kayak that packs inside itself to 3 ½ feet and comes in a wheeled bag. It combines performance, quality and convenience. It’s easy to store, easy to move, assembles in 3 minutes and paddles beautifully, which makes it The Ultimate Kayak. If you are not familiar with us, feel free to check out our website and this feature video.



We built our kayaks strong. How strong? Watch.


Now, let’s get into some details.

details pakyak

It Packs Inside Itself Like Russian Dolls

You’ve heard of the Russian Matryoshka dolls, the wooden dolls of decreasing sizes that all fit inside of each other, one by one, right?  Well, that’s how Pakayaks work.




Pakayak is The Ultimate Kayak that fits…

  • in your closet
  • in your car
  • in the elevator
  • in your apartment
  • in your RV
  • on your power boat
  • on the train
  • in your life!

Now, you can have a kayak that fits in your life and sacrifices nothing! A packable kayak without compromise.


Easy to store, easy to move, easy to assemble, all making it easy to explore and have fun. Think about it. You just need a few minutes to get out of the office and get in your kayak. How easy is it to get out and paddle? EASY as 1, 2, 3!   

pakyak fun

With the updated bag, you can carry or roll it. You can even add the all-terrain wheels and roll over any surface, even up stairs! 

roll-carry pakyak

Get out and have FUN!

fun pakyak

You can fit 4 people and 4 kayaks in 1 large SUV or van, with NO ROOF RACKS!


Pakayak’s hard-shell nesting kayaks stack up (wink, wink) against the competition!


Our patented design has been featured and reviewed on TV and many online sites. Here are a bunch.


Power & Motor Yacht: “I was thoroughly surprised. Long story short: It was dry as a bone.”

Gear Junkie: “During my 6+ hour test on a river in Connecticut and on the choppy Long Island Sound, I kept experiencing two opposing disbeliefs: When I saw the kayak all packed up, I couldn’t believe the unit becomes an efficient, floating boat. Conversely, when I was on the water, I couldn’t believe I was paddling in a sectional kayak.”

Outside Mag: “At exactly two feet wide, the Blue Fin is plenty stable through wind-blown chop and the occasional rogue wave. It does not feel tippy, and I felt confident just sitting idle in it. As the morning fog started to clear and the south end of Catalina Island was illuminated by the sun, I was momentarily tempted to see if I could reach it by Pakayak.”

In 2016, we made a splash and have been cruising ever since. We introduced the only hard-shell packable kayak and changed kayaking forever. We have happy Pak Members in over 25 countries all over the world.

pakyak map

Common Questions

Please see our FAQs page and our Knowledge Base for common questions and answers.


International Duties

INTERNATIONAL NOTE: Duties and taxes are NOT included on international orders and are due upon delivery. To calculate, use this third-party duty calculator with the HS Tariff code of 8903.99.00.00. For those of you in Canada, you can use this tool, also. Canadian customers may also incur a brokerage fee due to UPS.

54 reviews for Bluefin 142

Based on 54 reviews
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  1. Elke Fahland

    I got my pakayak in June 2018, and I’ve never paddled so much before, although I’ve been paddling since my childhood. Rivers, lakes, Baltic Sea, Greece, Italy…..I planned to make a collage that shows all these different places….but it was not possible. So look at these impressions….
    The only tobremark……the weight of 28 kg is more for me as I thought…..

  2. Thomas Mayer (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    It’s a solid boat. It was fairly easy to assemble. I have put it together and taken it apart twice without any problems. It maneuvers well in the water. Have only had it out once. Pretty comfortable. The only improvement I would like to see is to have a rudder. My other kayaks both have rudders with foot pedals and it’s easy to keep them on course especially when not paddling. The pakayak will start veering as soon as you stop paddling. It would be nice to have a rudder but that may not be feasible with the design of the boat. Just a thought. But otherwise I am pleased with the product and looking forward to using it on future expeditions. Thanks for inventing this design

    • PAKAYAK (store manager)

      Hi Thomas, thank you for your review. We would like to point out that we do offer a rudder kit that can be added to the Bluefin that can be quickly and easily taken off to allow for nesting.

  3. Loryn (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    I purchased without trying one based on others reviews. I needed portability but still wanted what I deemed a real rotomolded kayak. Pakayak checked all the boxes.
    I was able to try it in an open pool session as I live in the upper Midwest and not experienced enough to go winter kayaking. Other than needing practice getting in and out ( I was always sit on top kayaks), I got accustom to the feel of it in about 10 minutes. Assembly and disassemble is 10 minutes for me. I know I made the right choice. I have a kayak I can grow into. I won’t need to buy another kayak down the road. Excited to now have the freedom to go anywhere.

    Image #1 from Loryn
    Image #2 from Loryn
    Image #3 from Loryn
  4. Christopher Turner (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    I really love this Kayak! It’s beautiful and performs well on water with no heavy wind. The wind pushes you around a bit. The seat is not very confortable and makes my buttocks fall asleep pretty quickly.

    Image #1 from Christopher Turner
    Image #2 from Christopher Turner
  5. Sze kai Neo (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Hi there just received the kayak. All is good but one nut and screw is missing for the strap to the back rest as shown in the attached photo below

    Image #1 from Sze kai Neo
    • PAKAYAK (store manager)

      Hello, thank you for the review. We are sorry for the issue with the nylon screw as it seems it broke during shipping. Please fill out our warranty form ( and we’ll get a replacement sent to you.
      Team Pakayak

  6. Steven Fox (verified owner)

    I have used my new Pakayak two times so far. I would say that I like it a lot and am happy with my purchase. I would suggest that the rivets be improved. The rivets holding the castors to the bottom of the pack loosened up immediately and I replaced them with nuts and bolts. Furthermore, the rivets holding the seat back straps failed completely on the first use. The company promptly supplied replacement metal nuts and nylon bolts. I know these are relatively benign problems and not actually complaints about the performance of the kayak. I merely mention as areas of necessary improvement.

  7. Satisfied Greenhorn (verified owner)

    Easy to put together. Biggest complaints are not being prepared for how heavy the bag actually is (NOT that I would want the kayak any less sturdy!)m the difficulty in getting the bulkhead caps to stay sealed tightly (mine easily pop off, even when they appear tightly sealed which has me not using the all terrain wheels that I bought, as I don’t wish to lose any parts until I get better paddling), and the tight fit of the bag. Sorry to have bought the sprayskirt, as fighting to get it to fit takes longer than putting the kayak together. Absolutely LOVE hauling the kayak to shore and unnesting it to drain water after accidentally capsizing it. Would I buy it again? Yes…and no. It is a quality kayak, and if I could only have one, this is the one I would own. Love the sturdiness and lack of needing to maintain a trailer or put on/take off a vehicle kayak rack. As a sit in kayak, it is much more tipsy than I had hoped to experience, but I shall get used to it. This kayak reminds me of the original molded sit-in kayaks that I used thirty years ago, and probably isn’t for a beginner kayaker….but I am having fun and don’t care.

  8. Marc Desrochers (verified owner)

    Met my expectations. The decision was made based on the original Pakayak 14, I tested locally. I knew I needed more leg room (for stretching my legs out) at the very least and the 142 met that. Is it perfect…no. But then what is, these days and they are still restricted within the confines of keeping it packable . A defective side gasket (an issue which I brought to their attention) was quickly replaced based on the warranty. It weights more then I would like but I knew that, prior to purchasing it. What would I change….other then the weight…..the small narrow back rest and the foot pegs. The foot pegs measure 3 inches wide. For my extra wide feet, a 4 inch wide set of pegs would have been preferable, assuming they make them that wide. As I received my PaKayak in September of 2022, I only had a chance to take it once on the water (before the cool weather set in) and that was to perform a short sea worthy test for lack of a better word. A more thorough impression of the Kayak will be forthcoming in the new year. Note: The additional foam pad accessory (which is separately available) for securing your hips and setting your knee placement will not meet everyone’s requirements.

  9. Nelson villa (verified owner)

    Excellent stability no leaks easy assembly very sleek cons are a bit heavy when carrying up or down stairs I would recommend having stair climbing wheels added on to the bag like they have on some dolleys

  10. Aileen Adams (verified owner)

    I”ve paddled my Pakayak twice since purchase. Overall, I’m very impressed. It buckles together very easily and is intuitive to assemble/disassemble. Performance is pretty decent too! I normally paddle a 16 foot Kevlar sea kayak and I was still pleasantly surprised at the glide and handling. Some things I don’t like are the high back band, the lack of rocker on the bow, and the fairly uncomfortable seat – but these are necessary sacrifices to be able to take it apart and stack it up. I’ll be getting extra cushion for the seat! I would not recommend the knee and hip pads either – they seem like a pain and don’t really do much anyway. But again on a positive note, it was really great at the end of the day to put it in the back of my Kia Soul instead of loading onto the roof. Clean up at home was easier too since I could handle it in pieces. It’s a really nice option for me for shorter trips and areas where I prefer a plastic kayak – pretty much what I wanted out of it!

  11. ed (verified owner)

    After waiting years to get one, I finally pulled the ripcord & bought one in November. I took her out on new years day 2023. My journey was a short dip in East River from Pier 2 in Brooklyn to beach landing between Bridges at Carousel. I took the subway to & from park to my home in Brooklyn. What a joy to able to travel without a car to go kayaking around NYC.

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