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2017 is going to be a huge year for Pakayak and we owe much of that to you, our supporters and followers!

Without further ado we have all this GOOD NEWS to share with you.

1) Molds and Parts

Our manufacturer has made the first run with our molds. After the first test run, they opted to make a few tweaks to the molds which are aimed at producing a better part more efficiently. Second run was done and we’re still working on it. They tried a new plastic and things look great. Woot!

Surf out of the mold

Surf out of the mold

Surf in cooling fixtures

Surf in cooling fixtures

2) Seat

We received the seat prototype and, with just a few changes, we have approved it and started the tooling. Bonus Points – It fits into the nested carry bag better than our previous model. We received a seat sample (without the texture) and they are GREAT.

Seat prototype, without texture, in Pakayak

Seat prototype, without texture, in Pakayak

Seat prototype in nested Pakayak

Seat prototype in nested Pakayak

3) Foot braces

Tooling for our custom foot braces has been completed and we have received our sample parts. All set. We’ve put in our order for production. Next!

4) Clamps

Clamp design is final, tooling is almost complete and we should have our first order a tad later than we had hoped. But everything else is on schedule and production should start by April.

prototype clamp

5) Bag

Received the 1st prototype on our new design and we are pleased with the results. Being perfectionists at heart means we need to make some modifications. But, here it is! Not the best photos but at least you can see the overall form. The Pakayak is now completely enclosed which will help to protect it.

6) Stickers

We received our new Caution Stickers! Come on, don’t yawn! These are a necessary part of the puzzle and must accompany every kayak on the market. We are so happy to be getting through all of the tiny, time consuming yet important details that must happen in order to bring the Pakayak to market!

Assembly Sticker – While the Pakayak easily assembles in under 5 minutes (we’ve clocked it at 3 minutes), to get you through your first time, NEVER fear!  We’ve added an assembly sticker so you’ll be in the water before your sunscreen dries.

Caution sticker

Caution Sticker for inside Pakayak

assembly instruction sticker

Assembly Instruction label on Pakayak

7) Cockpit Cowling Gasket

These little beauties are made from silicone and will insure a watertight seal at the cockpit rim.

Cockpit gaskets

Cockpit cowling gasket

Cockpit gaskets

Cockpit cowling gasket from the supplier

We hope you are as excited about all the progress as we are!!

Until the next UPDATE…