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Dat-da-da-dah! Behold, our first 3D printed sample part! (The real one won’t be orange.) After countless hours watching our Solidworks guru fine-tune our shape, the design for the first model of Pakayak is done. Whew! We have gathered quotes from 3D printers, mold makers and rotomolding manufacturers and have settled on our suppliers.

While our 3D printing partner is printing our prototype, we’re working with and solidifying relationships with our suppliers for the hatch covers, foot pegs, bungie keeper hardware, carrying handles, seat and clamps.

In the photo, that’s a 4-pc carbon (super lightweight) paddle made by Aqua Bound, the paddle company we will be teaming up with.

Stay tuned…

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  • Ed Mazzaferro says:

    Neat idea. I’ve seen a few modular but yours seems to solve many of the drawbacks. Good luck with it.
    by the way, we are a rotational and injection molding company in central Mass. hope you don’t go make it in china
    if we can offer our services we are happy to help keep things being made in the USA – best regards

  • Joe says:

    Do you have a price point yet?

    • Pakayak Team says:

      Hey Joe, although it’s not final yet, we expect it to be in the $1600 – $1700 range. Thanks for your interest!

  • Shari says:

    I love this Pak A Yak idea. May I ask how much the 14 footer will weigh? Thank you. Would love to try one on Lake Ontario.

    • Pakayak Team says:

      Thanks, Shari! We expect it to weigh about 50 lbs, similar to most traditional 14 foot kayaks. But, don’t forget, you really don’t have to lift it much, certainly NOT over head (to the roof of your car) and the pack will come with wheels. 🙂

  • Mike says:

    I don’t know if GCI makes kayak seats, but it would be awesome if you could team up with them to be a supplier or something. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re also a CT-based company (Higganum, in fact) and they specialize in packable camp chairs. Would be nice to foster a local alliance if possible.

  • Lynda Buscis says:

    Looks extraordinary Doug and Z! I’m sharing w/ a bunch of folks from the midwest. I’ll cc: you. Much love, Lynda

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