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We are getting Wicked Close Now!

We’ve been working day and night (and weekends) to get Pakayak ready for you. We have so much news, so let’s get to it!

1) Holding Fixtures

We were with our manufacturers a week ago and we are heading back out next week to go over all the last minute details. They have been running our molds and refining how to streamline the processes of trimming and assembly. We brought fixtures out with us which will hold the boat parts stable while they are being worked on after being molded.

trim fixture

Fixture Which Holds Section in Place for Cutting

2) Frames & Cooling Fixtures

Our manufacturer has been building frames for the cooling fixtures we gave them. Remember those? We included pictures of those in a previous update. The frames for the cooling fixtures give the manufacturer a way to get the parts in and out of the fixtures quickly while allowing them to control how much pressure they put on each part. This insures that the sections will be the same size every time.

Section on Cooling Fixture (Don’t worry, that’s not one of our colors!)

3) Assembly

We’ve also been building templates for just about everything that goes on the kayak. The templates make sure that every hole drilled, cut made, and part installed is done exactly the same way every time and no time is wasted.

All of this is “Step One” in preparation for training a team to do the assembly process.

4) Production Video

Check out the video showing one of our (beautiful) parts being molded.

5) New Seat Back

A number of iterations later and here it is! As mentioned in a previous update, we had made the decision to lose the seat stem in favor of a more comfortable, band-style seat back. Custom made to fit our Pakayak.

Back of seat back and clip

Sunshine seat and seat back

Seat back, foam seat and cockpit pad in prototype boat

6) Cockpit Pad

We realized that we have not talked much about this detail, but it is an integral element for the comfort of the paddler. Our custom cockpit pad will cover the clamps at the mating surface where your feet (while getting in) and knees (while paddling) may make contact and where you might just want a little more padding. We’ve also added a bottle holder in the center. You can see the final prototype installed in the photo above. To the right, a previous prototype is pictured in orange, but rest assured, it will be in all black in its finished form.

Prototype cockpit pad showing bottle holder. This will be all black in its finished form.

7) The Bag

The bag has undergone radical changes since the Kickstarter campaign. We have tested different bag styles and prototypes and we feel that we have come up with a bag that will allow you to take your Pakayak almost anywhere. How has the bag changed?

  • Totally enclosed and hinged bottom so it folds and fits neatly behind the seat
  • Double zipper for easy removal of Pakayak
  • Padded bottom with foam locators – the pieces go in upside down so that during removal the pieces come out in the order in which they are assembled
  • Foot doubles as a grab handle
  • A shoulder strap and exterior grab handles for easy transport

Prototype bag, side view. In final version, the Pakayak logo will be on the front.

Foam locators for packing Pakayak in bag

First two Pakayak pieces placed on foam locators in bag

8) Clamps

Here is one of the very last prototype iterations of the clamp in a prototype boat. Seriously strong and relatively small. When unlatched, they spring back out of the way for easy nesting.

And that’s the news from Pakayak HQ. Until next time…be safe and healthy.