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We are shipping!

By March 14, 20186 Comments
Happy Days

Production is rolling

After many delays, a new manufacturer, and winter storms which caused days of power outages and closed roads, we are finally rolling along with production. Gregstrom is producing beautiful Bluefin 14s!

Surf in a bag

First boats are shipping!

Yes, we are in production and shipping! 

There are videos & photos here and below, one shows the very first Bluefin 14 heading onto a UPS truck. Production is going very well – the boats look beautiful.

As another blizzard has hit the Northeast yesterday, we are producing as fast as we can. This is a slow process and we hope you will be patient as manufacturing ramps up.

First, we’ll be delivering boats to our wonderful Kickstarter backers. Next, our current pre-order customers will receive their boats. If you order now, yours will go out next!

A Pakayak on Your Doorstep

Get your boat now! If you order now, you can have a Bluefin 14 on your doorstep this Spring! Think about it – a 14 foot kayak delivered to your door by UPS. Now, that’s easy!

Be One of the First to Get a Pakayak!

We’ll make your Pakayak in the first production run.

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  • Sean Wood says:

    Sections of all bluffing 14s are interchangeable, is that correct?

    • PAKAYAK says:

      Hello Sean, all Bluefin 14s are produced from the same production molds and shipped as an assembled boat set. Although every part should theoretically be interchangeable, we cannot guarantee that every part from every boat will work when interchanged.

  • cole99sdsu says:

    What is the ETA on the surf color shipments?

  • Ann Lowrey says:

    Please hurry up with mine. Ive been waiting a long time! I’m about to go stir crazy over here!

    • PAKAYAK says:

      Thanks, Ann! We’re getting them out as fast as we can. First, we must fulfill the Kickstarter Backers’ boats, then yours. It’s coming!!

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