Care & Maintenance

With a little care, your Pakayak should last you a long time. Follow these guidelines to ensure it’s long life.

  • Rinse all surfaces especially clamps and grooves holding the gasket with fresh water after each use. Allow to dry.
  • On connecting surfaces, keep gasket and groove clean of debris.
  • The foam seat is designed to fit against the packed boat at the bottom in the front of the bag. If not stored in this location, it is possible that it could become deformed. Make sure the seat is stored flat and not bent or folded to avoid deformation.
  • When storing, flip cockpit pad over clamps to protect from scratching the hull.
  • Store out of direct sunlight.
  • Store unassembled and packed, clean and dry.
  • To prevent unnecessary wear, do not drag the assembled boat across rough surfaces.
  • Do not hang from handles while assembled.