NEW Introducing the all new Bluefin – 20% lighter with no compromises

At Pakayak, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation. After countless hours rethinking the rotomolding process that creates our kayak sections and persistent commitment to implement the procedures for our production, we are thrilled to unveil our latest evolution: the new lighter weight Bluefin. Our flagship portable kayak has undergone a transformation like no other, setting a new standard in the world of watercraft by reducing the weight of the flagship Bluefin 142 kayak by an astounding 20% without any sacrifices in strength, performance, or size.

In response to the invaluable feedback from our loyal customers and kayaking enthusiasts, we have heard your concerns loud and clear. Weight should not hinder your passion for adventure, which is why we are proud to announce a remarkable weight reduction of over 10 pounds in the new Bluefin. This lighter iteration promises effortless portability without compromising on performance, embodying the essence of convenience and durability.

Through a blend of innovative technology, the collaborative expertise of rotational molding experts, and our brilliant engineering team, we have redefined the art of kayak manufacturing.

Traditionally, the manufacturing process of rotational molded kayaks posed challenges in controlling wall thickness with precision. However, we have transcended these limitations by pioneering techniques that ensure optimal material distribution. Our unwavering commitment to detail allows us to sculpt each part of the Bluefin with exacting finesse, eliminating unnecessary bulk while retaining the unwavering strength that defines our brand.

Embark on your next adventure with the new lighter weight Bluefin – where sophistication meets functionality, and lightweight design meets robust engineering. Elevate your kayaking experience with the lightest 14’ 2” kayak we’ve ever made and discover a world of possibilities on the water.

Step into the future of kayaking with the new lighter weight Bluefin – available now.

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Patented Nesting Kayak Design

Using technologies from aerospace and underwater product designs, we’ve perfected the leak-proof rigid kayak. Assembled by anyone in less than 3 minutes with no small loose parts to lose.

(Drag the line left and right to see how the Bluefin 14 goes together.)

See it in action.

Watch these videos to get a taste of the performance of the ultimate kayak.

Wave Surfing 1:10

Performance kayaking in a PAKAYAK Bluefin 14 – Surfing some waves in Florida!

Pakayak in Laguna Beach 1:04

Surfing the waves in California during a review by Outside Magazine.

Eskimo Roll 3:20

PAKAYAK boats are totally leak-proof, and more than up to the task of an eskimo roll in Hoboken, NJ (Manhattan is in the background).

What They’re Saying

During my 6+ hour test on a river in Connecticut and on the choppy Long Island Sound, I kept experiencing two opposing disbeliefs: When I saw the kayak all packed up, I couldn’t believe the unit becomes an efficient, floating boat. Conversely, when I was on the water, I couldn’t believe I was paddling in a sectional kayak.


At exactly two feet wide, the Blue Fin is plenty stable through wind-blown chop and the occasional rogue wave. It does not feel tippy, and I felt confident just sitting idle in it. As the morning fog started to clear and the south end of Catalina Island was illuminated by the sun, I was momentarily tempted to see if I could reach it by Pakayak.

Corey HassOutside Magazine

Just took this for a spin at Sand Key, Florida. A very well thought out design. A smooth kayak to paddle with great tracking!

Dave SurplusPakayak customer

I am 68 (gasp) and attended a demo yesterday. I am in love with this kayak! I had it assembled in less than 10 min.! Being on the short side there were a couple of minor issues but once I saw and felt where the latches were, no problem. I love that the cockpit front is raised and the carry bag fitting behind the seat is genius. Can't wait to get mine!

Gay HarmonPakayak customer

I will grant you that come Hell or High Water (and that is a good thing) that clasp is not going to pop open on its own. Make me feel safer knowing that the boat is together till I take it apart.


Choose from four colors

Our Bluefin is a 14’2″ kayak that comes in four colors – Built to last with a plastic resin specially formulated for kayaks. Our kayaks are molded and assembled in the U.S.A.

Yak in a Car

You don’t need an SUV and a $500 kayak rack to go on your next adventure. Just throw that PAKAYAK (or a couple of em) right in the trunk of your car!

Yak in a Closet

Live in an apartment? Fit your PAKAYAK in the linen closet or the closet under the stairs. Yup, it’ll fit there.

Yak on a Plane

Want to take your Kayak on your next trip to the Virgin Islands? Just roll that thing up to the luggage counter and “check it”. Magic.