Performance is now packable.

Pakayak is everything you love about kayaking – only better. Fast, reliable, and portable. Our patented design frees you up to explore the waters of the world without the limitations of traditional kayaks.

Superior Speed & Paddling Performance

The Bluefin 14 and 142 are modeled after the Bluefin tuna – one of the fastest fish in the world. The patented hull design is lean and long to track well even in wind, waves, and current. Pakayak kayaks are the only kayaks on the market that offers packability and enhanced paddling performance.

Ships Conveniently in a Box

Gone are the days of kayaks taking weeks to arrive on large trucks. Your Pakayak kayak will arrive neatly nested in a box. It even comes with its own wheeled bag. Unzip the bag and remove the pieces to assemble it in minutes.

No Room – No Problem

If you live in a home with limited storage space, elevator access limitations, or you travel in an RV, Pakayak gives you the freedom to finally own a kayak that fits in your life. Store it in a closet, bring it up the elevator, or bring it with you on your next RV adventure. Space is no longer an issue!

Leak-free Seal Guarantee

Multiple industrial stainless-steel clamps, each with 350 pounds of pressure, hold together the tongue and groove-shaped mating surface between each of the sections of the boat. A replaceable silicone gasket sits in the very inside of the groove keeping it completely watertight.

Goodbye, Roof Racks!

Traditional kayaks typically require you to lift a heavy boat onto an expensive roof rack. With Pakayak, you’ll enjoy the convenience of stowing your kayak in your vehicle’s trunk or back seat.

Bag To Boat In Under 3 Minutes

Once you get the hang of the easy setup process, you’ll be able to assemble your Pakayak kayak in under 3 minutes – without needing a second person to carry your boat to the shore. When you’re done with your paddle, disassembly is just as fast so you can be on the road again to your next adventure.

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Get a Taste of the Action

Explore these videos to get a feel for the performance of Pakayak kayaks.

Car to Water in 2 Minutes 2:09

Watch how fast and easily you can go from car to water with the Bluefin 14 Pakayak.

Packing Up 2:09

See how easy it is to pack the Pakayak Bluefin 14 into its carry bag after your paddle. Adventure made easy.

How PAKAYAK clamps work :53

See how the Bluefin clamping system works.

Kayak vs. Roof Rack 2:09

Can’t get that 14-foot kayak on or in your car, truck or SUV? Don’t have roof racks? Don’t get mad, get a Pakayak!

Experience :45

See how well it moves. Glide through the water, carve a turn, paddle fast or slow in flat water or choppy conditions, this kayak is a great choice for novices and experienced paddlers alike.

Will I Fit? :53

Pakayak’s Bluefin 14 has a cockpit area that is designed to accommodate persons up to 6 foot 3 inches or with an inseam of 34 inches.

Join the PAK

Get your Pakayak shipped to your home in as few as 2 days!

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