How to Pak A Yak

Packing Instructions

If you are unable to watch the video, instructions are below. It is designed to be intuitive and of course, the instructions are exactly the opposite in order from the assembly instructions.

Rinse with fresh water and let dry. Make sure cockpit pad is dry before packing.


cockpit clamped
unclip seat
unclamp cockpit
Pakayak bag

Flip cockpit pad over to expose clamps. Unclip the seat and put aside. Unlatch 5 clamps in cockpit separating the two halves of the boat. Flip cockpit pad back over clamps to add a protective barrier between the clamps and the piece it will fit over. Set foot pedals all the way down toward the bulkhead and lock. If you have stowed the bag behind your seat, remove and open it.

IMPORTANT: The latches are self locking. To unlatch, push the thumb lever back slightly before pulling up on the black latch handle.



Stand each half up like a tower, one with the bow at the top and the other with the stern at the top. On the bow tower, open hatch cover and unlatch 3 clamps at the top. Replace nylon sleeve on bow, securing velcro strap around the handle to keep in place, and place bow piece in bag on the foam locator.


Pakayak parts in bag

On the stern tower, open hatch cover and unlatch 3 clamps at the top. Place stern piece on bow piece with a quarter turn so the model logo is facing forward.


packing bag

On the stern tower, unlatch 4 clamps and replace hatch cover. Place piece in bag over the two pieces already there.


parts in bag

On the bow tower, unlatch 4 clamps and replace hatch cover. Place piece in bag over the pieces already there.


Pakayak parts in bag
Pakayak parts in bag

Place the last two parts into the bag, tallest first. Place the seat in the front bottom of the bag, bottom facing out.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget the seat!


Zip the bag closed. Close two side clips and pull to tighten.

That’s it. Roll away.