Get to Know Your Pakayak

Get to know the Bluefin 14

The Pakayak Bluefin 14 has six pieces that secure to each other with very strong but easy to use clamps. There are two watertight hatches to stow your stuff and deck rigging to carry more items. There are two handles and multiple reflective safety lines. The boat is rudder-ready and the cockpit will take a standard spray skirt. Check out our FAQs page for more information on both the rudder and spray skirt.

‘How To’ Videos

Here are a few to get you started. See more videos here. Check out our youtube channel for more videos.

‘How To’ Stickers

Assembly Instruction Sticker

You’ll probably not need them after assembling your boat just once, but if you do, as you unzip the bag and flip it back to expose the Pakayak parts, right there on the bulkhead, you’ll see a sticker with assembly instructions staring up at you.

instruction labels

Clamp Instruction Sticker

When you engage the clamp, make sure the clamp has grabbed ahold of the metal pin. You’ll see a smaller sticker to the right of the assembly instruction sticker illustrating this.

Clamp instruction sticker

Locate your Hull Identification Number (HIN)


locate the HIN

Anticipate The Adventure

Superior Performance. Ultimate Convenience. Zero Compromises. 

assembled bluefin 14
Store Your Stuff

Two watertight hatches keep your stuff dry.

Safety First

Sturdy watertight bulkheads keep you afloat.


Handles in front and back.

Leak-proof Clamps

Bombproof clamps & silicone gaskets keep it all together.

Deck Rigging

Front and back deck rigging to hold more stuff.

Comfy Ride

Foam seat, adjustable foot pegs and seat back make for a comfortable ride.