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For many outdoor lovers, watersports are their favourite hobby despite their many inconveniences with travel, storage and access. People that love kayaking know all too well of the issues that can arise from loving to play such an adventurous sport and despite its adrenaline fused potential, too often the sport is limited to where your local kayak centre is (or your local lake is should you own a kayak). Wanting to make a difference for the sport and make it more accessible for first timers and more adventurous for kayak lovers, Pakayak’s packable kayak is really innovative.

A 14-foot long kayak, Pakayak’s solution is manufactured much like a normal kayak with material that is specifically formulated for the sports industry, yet breaks down into composable pieces that can be nested into one another to make the kayak much more manageable and transportable. The shrunken version of the kayak becomes 3.5-foot long and can be carried on your back, transported in most car’s boot or back seats, and stored in even the smallest of apartment’s storage spaces; you can even fit multiple Pakayak kayaks into the same 4×4 car without needing to worry about having a roof rack.

A patented clamping system makes the assembly of the kayak really quick and easy, and SATORI & SCOUT really do think that the Pakayak is the perfect solution for those of you that want to minimise the issues of watersports, but maximise the fun potential. Read more…

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